February 23

Transform your Menstrual Cycle in Your Best Productivity Tool

What if your menstrual cycle as a effectiveness secret weapon?

It is!

Understanding your cycle will allow gift you with 4 super heroines,
  • The Sage. She will help you to discern among all your commitments. She will help you decide who and what is in and who and what is out. She is the wise female elder that loves you unconditionally.
  • The Maiden. She learns faster than anyone in the world. She's creative and curious. Her cognitive abilities are off the charts.
  • The Mother. She is a connector. She has the words, the brevity, the stories to create community, to nourish your team, to build new relationships. She can give you all the words your need when you tune into her.
  • The Enchantress. She's inspiration and assertiveness personified. She's the one who can speak to millions and pitch ideas. Problem solving is her cup of tea.

Conversely when you ignore them, they act against you. When you act against them, you get headaches, cannot do a thing and even get angry at your hormones.

Let's stop this drama today!

I created a video for you where I share how our cycle works and how you can harmonize it with your business.



Would you like to start tracking and harmonizing your life?

I created a template where you can do precisely that.

You can get your hands on it in my newly created Etsy shop. It's here!

YES! I created an Etsy shop. Exciting!!!

I hope you enjoy this episode!

If you did, please let me know!

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Have a wonderful week!

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