September 20

Women Empowerment – also for men

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure to present at the prestigious JUMP conference in Brussels. This is the event on women empowerment. After my presentation I was interviewed by the organization. Even if I had in my heart empowering women, I realize that my answers are actually applicable to all humans. So I decided to share them with you here,

What are your tips for women’s success?

Be bold

Forget about SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, timely). They are plain boring. We need bold goals. We need visions that are exciting, that are courageous, that wake you up in the morning, that make you bounce back when you feel like quitting. We need boldly unique visionary women.

Mind Your Mind

All you experience is first generated in your mind. What we think, we become. Stay away from energy draining people, books and (pseudo)food. Learn. Expand your mind with positive, life giving content. Expand your possibilities, with positive and challenging people.

Get physical

When you move, your brain chemistry changes. You literally become more intelligent. Exercise every single morning. Even it it’s just for 7 minutes, exercise every single morning for the rest of your life.

What changes are needed in the organisations to help women enhance their career?

There is just one change needed: women empowerment. We need to start at the heart of the woman. Women need to fall in love with themselves. They need to acknowledge their own power. They do not need to be better or different. They need to own their own power.
In particularly mothers should consider themselves highly profitable and interesting for the corporate world – so that companies could see them that way. Mothers are,

  • Better at handling uncertainty. All is uncertain in the world of children. Mothers are excellent at reading the small clues and taking decisions when the stakes are high. This quality is highly profitable today, when the rate of change is drawn with a hockey stick graph.
  • Highly empathic. Mothers are excellent at reading between the lines, at understanding what has not been said. Again, in this complex and ambiguous business reality, this is pure gold.
  • Patience. The speed of change both in children and organizations is magical, at the same time extremely fast and tremendously slow. To manage the contradictions in the change is one of the greatest strengths of mothers.

How do you see the link between performance and well being in women’s careers?

This link is very clear to see in the physiology of our own brain.
When we are under stress, our brain sends blood to our legs (to run away from the lion) for us to survive. At the same time our Pre-Frontal Cortex, the part of the brain with the most sophisticated traits, is shut down.
On the other hand, when we feel safe, excited, enthusiastic – in the flow- our Pre-Frontal Cortex kicks in and makes us perform like Picasso, like DaVinci, like Michelangelo.

Now back to you!

I would love to hear your wisdom. Please share with us

How do you empower yourself in the workplace?
What keeps you going?

Your ideas are blessings to the world. Do share them here, in the comments in my blog. Thank you in advance.

If this content inspired you to be more yourself in the workplace, own your strengths, AND you know of someone who need precisely this, please do help her/him out. Share these videos with him or her. We need more humans owning their own power.

Thank you very much for reading, watching, sharing, commenting! We are building something amazing: the Heart Centered Economy.

To your brilliance,


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Women Empowerment


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