September 12

5 Easy Tricks to Nurture Your Creative Thinking

You are creative.
Yes, I know you don´t believe that. I know that the “system” has hammered into you the idea that creative thinking is not your strength. We have grown up to believe that original thinking is just for `them´: artists, genius, scientists… certainly not for us.

At the same time we all experience a profound inner longing for self expression. No wonder you are reading this! You want a fuller and more profound expression of your being.

On top of the call from your soul to be more creative, there is the reality of business today. Automation and outsourcing have created brand new strengths for employees and entrepreneurs. This is precisely creative thinking. If we are to succeed in business (and be happy as well), we need to own our creative self.

No matter how much of a unblocked creative you are. You can always take your creative thinking to a higher level. This is in fact a muscle. So, today I got a couple of ideas for you to build this creative muscle. Ready?

1. Give yourself permission

permission-granted-logo1To remember is the element of intelligence that is glorified in today´s educational system. We were asked to give the right answer. Creative answers were wrong – even if they were also right. No wonder we have grown to believe that original thought is dangerous: it will take you away from perfect marks.

It’s now time for you to leave school. It’s now time for you to leave these outdated ideas of giving the right answer – the one they want to hear.

It’s time for you to give yourself permission to think, to speak, to act in your very original way. If you still need permission from someone, here you have mine. Go ahead, unleash your wisdom.

2. Start small

start smallIt’s very challenging to from one day to the other just start being creative. We have to build complete new habits:

  • at the restaurant, don’t order what your companion orders, choose for yourself
  • stop visiting galleries, start painting
  • stop dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur, get your first customer
  • ______________ (fill in the blank with your own challenge and your new habit)

Start small. Start asking yourself, how I really think about this? How could I do this differently? Start doing things differently. Walk a different route to your work. Play new games. Try any form of art. Just Start Small.

3. Do it everywhere

everywhereTo start building your creativity muscle, try it out everywhere. Everywhere? Yes! In the most unlikely places your creativity will blossom. Try wearing different clothes. Try shaving in a different way. Try parking in a different way. Try eating in a different way. Try listening to different music. Try sitting in a different way. Try speaking in a different way.

Don’t leave a stone unturned. Try your gorgeous creative thinking EVERYWHERE.

 4. Challenge your assumptions

We were trained to answer questions precisely. We were never shown the possibility of creating questions. We were never shown the possibility of answering questions with many possibilities, maybe with other questions.

It has gone so far that we have even believed that those answers are correct, that those answers are the only truth. In the words of my patron saint, Leonardo DaVinci: “The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions“.

Let’s free ourselves from our opinions, of our assumptions. Let’s question them. Let’s investigate them. Let’s explore them. Let’s learn. Let’s grow.

Remember if you stop learning, you stop growing and when you stop growing, you start dying. Challenge your assumptions; your creative thinking will bloom.

 5. Enjoy it

Simple-Ways-to-Enjoy-Life-e1360077794170Time to quote my other patron saint, Einstein: “The highest form of research is play“. If you don’t have fun, you don’t create. If you don’t create, you don’t have fun. Fun in creativity are equivalents.

We are so used to hard work. In fact, hard work can be counterproductive when it toughen us up from listening to our soul, our intuition. It can be counterproductive when it takes us away from play, joy and delight.

Keep delight on top of your agenda and it will keep you successful (and of course happy).

Back to you

Now back to you!

I would love to hear your wisdom. Please share with us

How do you nourish your creative thinking?

Your ideas are blessing to the world. Do share them here, in the comments below. Thank you in advance.

If this content inspired you to unleash your creative self and you know of someone who need precisely this, please do help him out. Share this information with him or her. We need more humans actively creating the future.

Thank you very much for reading, watching, sharing, commenting! We are together building something amazing: the Heart Centered Economy.

To your brilliance,


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