June 21

To quit or not to quit


To quit or not to quit – that’s the question

When should you quit? when should you commit?

We live in a society that glorifies trying harder, persisting until the end: never give up, finish your plate and the like.

What if quitting was an option? What if it was a terrific option? What if it was the option that would open you the world of possibilities?

Now it’s your turn!

You and quitting.

  • Have you ever quit anything – a book, a relationship, a job, a country? how was that experience? in which way that enriched your life? Do you have any regrets?
  • Are you dying to quit, but don’t dare? what keeps you there? what thought keeps you there? What needs to happen for you to stop? Who would you need to be to quit?

Share with the community your experiences in the comments below. Your words will help someone else. So feel empowered to speak up.

Also, if you know anyone who is considering quitting, do support his/her journey by sharing this along. They’ll appreciate it.

To your brilliance,

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Quitting opens you for change

Don’t just be ready for change. Be the change

You don’t need to finish your plate. Quit.

No LSD (Love, service, daring), QUIT

Dreading next morning? Quit

be the change


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  1. Quitting is transformation and transformational. It means to be free of, to change. In many cases it is your soul crying out to move on in order to experience something new: new relationships, new jobs, new locations. And that’s what I did and you can do this too: say no to something or someone so you can say yes to yourself. Just like Blanca did and many others you will not read about but who are there living close to you, among your friends, family, colleagues: will you become a transformer too?

    1. I guess it’s inevitable to be a transformer. All we do influences others. It’s our choice to keep going for the known or move on towards a greater life. The choice should be based on fuly expressing your greatness: are you loving? are you of the greatest service? are you growing? NO? Quit!

  2. I did quit! a relationship, a job, a country …
    It was wonderful. I went through and beyond my limits creating the reality I wanted and that was an exhilarating feeling. Regrets: none!

    Now I’d love to quit … not dying to do it yet … or maybe yes, I start feeling the tickling of the change. I think that in order to do it I need to re-call that part of me that did quit in the past, even thogh now I am evolved and I guess something will be different.

    Thank You Blanca for this opportunity to stop for a moment and reframe what I want and what I commit to make real!
    hugs xo

    1. You bet! It’ll be different his time. Every iteration brings us closer to our bigger self. Every experience is there for us to grow. If we haven’t learned the lesson, it will repeat yourself (no matter how hard you run).
      I´m curious what you want to quit.
      Enjoy the reflection and all the best for this challenging time!

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