July 6

The Downstream Guide to Asking for Help

Asking for help is key in business and in life. However, it can keep us from actually getting the results that we desire.

When we ask for help from the victim stand point. When we ask for help and believe it is impossible for us to get what we’re asking for. When we ask for help, but don’t want to change anything in out thoughts, feelings and actions. Any help won’t help.

Asking for help needs to be combined with the knowing that your project is already done. I love the metaphor of pregnancy for this. Know yourself pregnant, pregnant of your project. Your work is to nourish yourself, so your project will be nourished. Your work is to believe that it’s done and it’ll be born on the right time.

Armed with that knowing, ask for help. Just ask the universe for help, it will send you the most harmonious support you can imagine. It will happen in a matter of minutes. And sometimes the answer could be: you don’t need help! You have all you need to receive your desire.

Know it, embody it: It is already done!

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  1. Thank you so much Blanca, this is one of the most helpful videos you have ever done (for me)!! The distinctions (differences in energy) can be so subtle and you draw out the distinction so beautifully here… 

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