June 19

The Biggest Mistake of ALL Experts

Overwhelmed! Everyone working in the world of building the heart centered economy want to help. We want to give all we have for the benefit of the people we are meant to help. Sorry to say: it doesn’t work!

The biggest complain I’ve consistently receive from all customers is “you overwhelm me, Blanca!”

We, heart centered business owners, heart centered helpers, heart centered experts, have to learn how to be minimalist about sharing what we know. You know, it’s like giving a steak to a baby: it won’t work.

So, what to do when you have so much to give?

  • Go back to square one and remember WHY. What’s the objective you want to achieve with what you’re creating? In which way you want your audience to be transformed after working with you? Remember it, feel it, see it, hold it.
  • To achieve that objective what is the minimum your require? What are the minimum steps? What is absolutely necessary? What can your “baby” digest? What would be most nourishing content/experience?
  • Get away from your computer, close all your books, take a BIG piece of paper and draw your minimalist design. Use colors. Use shapes. Use post its. Use whatever works for you to get your juices flowing.


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