The Emerge Retreat is now open! In just 3 days you'll have your irresistible and heart centered offer.

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Yes, I want in! 


Create a conscious business offer
in just 3 days


​26, 27 and 28 

June, 2020
09:00-13:00 CET

Get your ticket

​297 ​ ($322)


At the end of this retreat,

you will 

1. Emerge with the CLARITY and COURAGE that having a COMPELLING and AUTHENTIC OFFER will give you.

2. Emerge with a RENEWED sense of Self belief and a vision of the future.

3. Intrinsically KNOW who your ideal customers are

4. TRULY CONNECT - you will no longer be alone!
Explore possibilities and find confirmation in the safety of a loving and supportive community. Make friends for live.

5. BE READY to finally bring YOUR GIFT to the world. You are READY to show up 100%. No more self editing and self censoring.

This is not your regular business training

This training recognizes that you have two sides of your brain.

So it will work with both of them! 

Right brain

First we'll tap into infinite intelligence.  

We'll open each morning with a meditation that will give us direct and clear guidance. 

Left brain

I've curated the most powerful questions you must answer to design your offer.

I'll take you by the hand through a very clear process.

This is for you

This program is specifically designed for women are like a lotus: A flower that struggles through mud to emerge beautiful and whole.

Your journey has been long and eventful. You have accumulated tremendous wisdom through the years. This current global challenge is calling you to serve to a higher level.

Now you are ready to step up as an authentic leader: to invent the future while embodying your Higher Self. 

What Others Say


I highly recommend Blanca’s Emerge Retreat for anyone who is on the path of doing what makes their heart sing and creating a business out of it. The Retreat connected me with many other like-minded women in a similar position. I felt a bond and camaraderie with all of them by the end!

We helped each other and learned from each other, which was very powerful. Blanca is excellent at leading such courses, as she has a good mix of following a structure, but also going with the flow; and her positivity and energy are infectious! She does not overwhelm you with too much information; rather the Retreat has a lot of very helpful action steps to push you along. With Blanca’s direction, the action steps, and the help of the other participants, I was able to see my path more clearly and open up to new possibilities and perspectives. It really pushed me in a good way and gave me more clarity and confidence in moving forward. Again,
I highly recommend this experience!

Carly Nichols Emerge Retreat Participant

nane bertely


I feel happy and optimistic after attending the Emerge Retreat. I have worked with Blanca before as she always offers an holistic, human and intuitive approach while doing business. The information shared was very valuable and the interaction with Blanca and the emerge community helped me find more clarity and gave me insight about different possibilities to adapt my work to the time being and adding value to everybody who gets in touch with it

N. Vazquez Bertely Dance teacher/Choreographer, Emerge Participant


I attended Blanca’s Virtual Emerging Retreat. Her innovative business model and entrepreneurship approach triggered a spark inside me. It helped me create a new mindset: heart-centered, feminine and authentic. Awesome!

Within the last decade I worked with various professionals to develop my business and improve my marketing tools to sell my service. They were performance based and driven by aggressive competition techniques. They didn’t help me to engage with my clients, instead they made me feel incompetent.

I found her 5-Steps Business Model and its application process transformational and empowering. It was great joy to connect to inspiring entrepreneurs with creative business ideas in this Retreat. I began to use Blanca’s heart-and-mind connected approach immediately as an oracle. Thanks, so much Blanca!

I highly recommend her if you want to get clarity on your money mindset and create abundance and prosperity with love and joy through your business.

Sumru Relationship Coach, Emerge Retreat Participant


The Emerge On-line Retreat is fantastic. I would have to say it is the best program I have participated in after being in business for over 12 years.

It was created and made great due to the wealth of knowledge, experience and sensational heart of Blanca Vergara. The design of the program to be done in 5 consecutive days was perfect to benefit from the momentum and be ready to implement right away. The interaction with other business owners along with thought provoking processes lead to the insights and outcomes the retreat is designed to reveal. The retreat will definitely have the positive influence on my business it was ready for.

Deborah McNelis M.Ed. Founder of Brain Insights, Author and International Speaker, Emerge Retreat Participant


Blanca is a genuine and remarkable heart-centered entrepreneur. She will inspire you and empower you to craft/improve your business, in alignment with who you truly are and the impact you want to make in the world. During the EMERGE you will get clarity about who you want to serve and create an offer tailored to their needs. Along the way you will network and get supported by like-minded self employed professionals and business owners.

Thank you Blanca for your incredible work enabling women to create financially profitable businesses.

Julieta Timane Career and Transition Coach Founder of Workshopsforyou.

Retreat Agenda

Every retreat day we'll meet for 4 hours in the morning from

09:00 - 13:00 CET Amsterdam

We'll have

  • 3 meditation sessions
  • 3 business acumen sessions
  • Hot seats
  • Handouts for each one of the lectures
  • Useful BONUSES
  • A community of like minded people
  • and much more


Why You Should Join

We are at crossroads. Now more than ever before your actions matter. If you believe (and take action) on the beauty of your dreams, you'll be able to invent the future.

Let's write a beautiful future: greener, more loving, more inclusive, more you!

Act fast!

You are ready for this! Feel the butterflies in your tummy and join us now!

If you are always trying to be normal.

You will never know how amazing you can be.” Mary Maya Angelou

Blanca Vergara 

I'm passionate about helping heart centered entrepreneurs to have massive impact

Entrepreneurship is in my veins for at least 4 generations. I started negotiating huge deals at the age of 10 in the almost constant financial crisis in Mexico. I've worked internationally and online for decades. I got a M.Sc. in IT and an MBA.

My spiritual path began after a near death experience at 14. In the depths of my personal rabbit hole, I found my intuition and channeling abilities.

My experience can save you time, sweat and tears (plus make you money). 

I distilled decades of experience in a short 3 day retreat so that you can have the offer to deliver your vision and be of the greatest service now. Even if my paid programs start at 3,000 euros, I choose to make this program so affordable to help as many people as possible step up. I cannot promise that I'll do this again.

If you feel inspired, act now. There's no other program like this one in the market. This is your moment!

Are you in?

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