September 27

Leverage Your Worst Nightmare

Dreams, dreams, dreams. I almost hate the word. Everybody talks about it, but that’s all there is: talk. The word itself has become a kind of cheap commodity. “Follow your dreams”, “get your dreamed job”, “live your dream”….

Nightmares are overlooked as profound motivators. They are so interesting. Think about it: What’s your worst nightmare?

Recently a dear friend of mine (customer, supplier, partner, sister…) shared with me her worst nightmare: to die knowing she had an infertile life. I have to mention that this lady is a mother of two. She was talking about being infertile of what matters, of her pure intention. That’s scary! That’s a real nightmare.

I share her feeling. My worst nightmare is to die without having had sufficient and timely impact in the things that matter to me.  My personal mission is to help many people transform their sense of worth so that they can choose for what matters to them and achieve it. I want to see people owning their own power, being their wild self, creating a life that matters… My worst nightmare is well portrayed by Dadara. I am terrified to see new generations of grey men, those ones without original thought, those ones owned by their possessions, those ones governed by dogma. That’s a real nightmare to me.

Sadly, we perpetuate the nightmare for many reasons. The very first one is because we simply do not know what really matters to us. We are anesthetized by pretty little things, status symbols and signs of damaged self belief. We have grown convinced that we need to “buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like” (words of  Dave Ramsey) That way we sacrifice our life, our happiness and what really matters for the recognition of other people who are also concentrated in acquiring those status symbols to impress us.

We have grown convinced that what matters is unattainable, a dream, a luxury. We have grown convinced that we are not creative, that we cannot heal ourselves, that we need someone to love us, we are ugly…

We have grown convinced that what matters is waste of time and money. We have grown convinced that it’s a waste of time to take care of our children, breastfeeding is a waste of time, our ancestors have nothing to teach us…

What do we do instead?

  • We keep quiet because we need to be “good”. We don’t want to offend people. We need to please the dogma.  We need to fit in. Don’t shake the boat. We’re terrified of ridicule.
  • We think we cannot make any difference. We feel powerless, helpless, nobodies
  • We need to concentrate in practical matters: pay the mortgage, pay the bills…

So what do we do? We deal with them with guilt. We join anti-movements: anti war, anti cancer, anti bullying… this doesn’t work! This just enhances war, cancer, bullying: this increases attention and power to the unwanted.

Do you really want out of this nightmare? Great news! It’s just like in the Wizard of Oz, you already have what it takes!

  1. Reconnect with Divine. Reconnect with your Creative Self. Recover your Divine ability to dream, to envision, to play. Be childlike, curious, playful. Your entire life will change and suddenly you’ll be just doing things that matter, suddenly your entire life will be a life that matters.
  2. Embrace Ridicule. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing it badly. Paint, dance, write, speak… My father told me: “Do they talk about you? Great, they like you. Do they talk bad about you? Even better, they envy you”. I tell you, he’s right. Whoever criticize you is a blocked creator.  Once you meet ridicule, you’ll be completely liberated. Once you meet such a critic, be delighted, he’s your knight in shining armor.
  3. Change your definition of success. Success is not just the accomplishment of goals. Success is the journey towards those goals. Success is also the accomplishment of soul centered goals. Forget about being successful when some conditions are met. Remember that you´re successful now, right now, just because you are on your way. This thought will make you more compassionate with other people´s journeys and of course with yourself.
  4. Be Love. Remember you are instrument of the Divine. You’re protected and guided. Stop waiting for someone to love you or recognize you. Start embodying your power. Start embodying your own light of love. Start taking loving actions that matter. Be inspired to be love.

Painting by Dadara

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