April 24

How to live your mission even if you do not know what it is

Finding your mission has never been so popular as nowadays. It is really fashionable to find your calling, to look for that what you are made for. There are so many books right now for finding your purpose, so many books. And I agree with them, I agree with the fact that if you find your mission, you will have an easier time doing the job that you are meant for. The problem with this is that people see these and they get completely paralyzed. They say I do not know and I’ve been journaling and I went to a retreat and I went to another retreat and I did meditation and I’ve been writing my dreams, and it still doesn’t come to me. What is my mission? Well I can tell you, that is not the way that you will get the answer. The way you will get the answer and you will get corrected what is your mission, is by taking action. You need to go out there in the marketplace, in the street and do – take action. I know that it’s not popular, it is popular the law of attraction, misunderstood law of attraction; sitting down, meditate, do nothing, a smile. That doesn’t work. What we need to do is to take action, see what happens, what are the results of that action.

See that insight. Analyze. See what happens, how does that feel. Does that match with your happiness? What matches and what doesn’t match? Make that analysis for yourself, of the results and see them as results, not success, not failure, not because of what they said but what you felt. I’ve had it with customers so many times. The husband of the customer says you should work for boards, advising boards, and the wife goes and advises boards and gets terribly depressed. Other people will say, telling the husband that this is a success, she went and became an adviser of boards. She was miserable, that was a failure for her. So this insight, this seeing what happens with the results is really powerful. That way is how you will find your mission. So that way you cross correct and you take action again. You take action again, you get results again – again results, not success, not failure – results. With those results, you go again into the process of analyzing and seeing what are the insights that these results bring you. And again, you say oh this fits, this doesn’t, I find a new area that I never imagined that I would love. And little by little, just like if it was golf, you go all the way to your mission and just try this direction, this direction, this direction – and then you will get there. But you have to be moving to be able to get that feedback from reality, that feedback from life, that feedback from your intuition. You need to take action to find your mission.

So don’t stop journaling, continue journaling, but get out there, take action, do things wrong, learn, and with that, journal so that you redefine again what is your hypothesis and what is your mission. And if you go in iterations in this cycle, you will actually find your mission.

If you like this video, please do like it. And if you like it, of course share it, share it with all your friends especially those ones who are desperate to find their mission. And please come on over to my blog and share with us, what is your process of finding your mission, how are you getting on with that, what is it exactly that you find useful that you are going to use in your life. And as always, I say goodbye to you reminding you to be all in.

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  1. I am one of those looking for my mission and have failed so far. I keep hiding behind the fact that i am getting old. In my mind, i cannot afford to waste time by searching for something new, afraid i will no longer be ‘hiring material’.
    I agree with your words, it is important to take action. How to take that first step and to know towards what/where?
    You are really inspiring!

    1. Hi Nananina,
      Thank you so much for your comment. What you share is a pain that I often see. We postpone our destiny for the fulfillment of what is supposed to make us happy, what “they” say – house, promotion, car and of course CV. I feel you!
      You know, I am not hiring material anymore and actually it feels great.
      The short action to your question is: just start. Start with the simplest action you can take. Start moving in the direction of your dreams even if it feels like just one milliliter. This week I’m attempting (for the second time) to let go of bread. What I’m discovering is that I’m getting much more than a health benefit. I’m getting mind clarity, energy and most importantly the feeling that “If I can do this, what else can I do”.
      So, pick something:
      – When I wanted to be a mom (and there was no man in my life), I went to babysit the children at my local church during service.
      – When I wanted to become a coach (and I was still a manager), I just had longer coffee conversations with my staff
      – When I wanted to have a family (and there was not even time to date), I just bought a milk shaker to make cappuccinos, to give me the sense of home
      – When I was completely lost and I didn’t even know what I wanted, I picked up a piece of paper and a pencil and started drawing trees.
      Take any action that will make you move – an easy and irrelevant one. Once you move, take another action that will make you feel empowered – a difficult one, yet irrelevant. Then you’ll be on fire to take a more difficult and relevant action.
      Wishing you clarity and courage!

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