April 17

How To Do The Impossible

Feeling helpless?

Sometimes I do. You read the headlines and how can you me or anybody as one person have any influence in what is going on outside, with so much pollution, with just so many financial problems and fraud and violence. How can we do something?

You see recently, I was inspired by one of your beautiful comments. When I posted this quote, “Start doing what is possible then you will do the impossible.”, this person asked, but how? And my answer was just start. Of course, I wanted to elaborate on that and I want to give you a specific example today. You see I do something secretly that now I want to bring into the public and inspire you to do it as well. You see, I buy secondhand shoes and bags and scarves and necklaces and many other things. Because you see, I do love fashion and I like beautiful things. Aren’t these beautiful?

I love these shoes, they are beautiful. But the most beautiful part about them is that they are secondhand; I bought them from another mom living in my neighborhood. There is this wonderful group based on Facebook where all the moms of my neighborhood sell and buy things from each other. Isn’t that terrific? These women and men–there are some dads as well, are building the heart centered economy. These women are creating a sharing economy in the neighborhood. These women are building community because by now we are starting to know each other and we are reducing the quantity of stuff, the quantity of pollution that is created in the world.

So today, I want to pursue two purposes. One purpose is to make you enthusiastic, that you are not alone and you are not helpless because many people are actually moving, many people are actually singing the same song, many people are praying for peace, many people are taking action to clean the pollution of the world. So you are not alone, be enthusiastic about it. I hope I did that.

And second objective, I want to invite you to take one simple tiny action. What is it that you are going to do? Have a conversation with your children about trash, about pollution, about the fact that we do not need that many toys. Are you going to bring this conversation to the office and say how are we going to change business the way we are doing it? What is it that you are going to do at home, in your business, with their customers, with your employees? Take it everywhere because we’re not helpless. When we believe we have the power to change things, we can change things.

So enthusiastic and go, go below here and comment. Please comment on what is that that you are going to do, what is that that you invite us to do as well so that we all together can start changing around the future of humanity and of this planet. And as always, I say goodbye reminding you to be all in.

Featured Image by Karlis Dambrans


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