May 2

How to Detox Your Life

I’m so inspired by the spring. I’m so excited about spring. I see how trees redesign their entire being more or less every three months. More or less every three months you get brand, new nature. It’s just so exciting the power of renewal of trees. Because of that I think hey, couldn’t we renew ourselves also, at least as often as every three months. But when will we change? What will we change in our life? Which kind of parameters will use to make any changes? Today I came up with the idea of spring makeover and I hope that everybody does it here and tells me how do the spring makeover happen to them. The parameters that we are going to use to do this detox or this cleaning are three.

Number one, does it make me happy?
Number two, does it make me grow?
These two factors are the core of what life should be. You are meant to be happy, fulfilled, loving, enthusiastic. And two, you are meant to grow, you are meant to evolve, you are meant to learn, you are meant to be challenged, you are meant to grow beyond your comfort zone. So be happy, happy, it’s just boring and being just challenged and out of your comfort zone can be painful and meaningless. You need to have love, happiness, so these two have to be together. Does it make you happy? Does it make you grow? These are the two variables that you need to answer when you’re going to do detox in your life.

But I told you that there were three elements. If you are ever in doubt about how to answer the first two or any of them, the third question is one that is going to free you of everything, the one that is going to clarify everything. And the question is this what my higher self will do, will think, will have. Is it this what my higher self will choose?  Imagine that that person much older than you, 20, 30, 50 years older than you, full of wisdom, detachment, full of  compassion, imagine love personified. What will this wise person say? That will be the ultimate test of your choices.

So these are the three questions that I want you to use to detox different areas of your life. And the different areas of your life that I pick for you for this exercise are five.

Number one, your home.
It is incredible that we don’t take care of our homes as good as we should. Because it’s labeled home work, it’s less labeled something that a maid could do. Come on, it’s where you live. Isn’t it true that your body is your temple? Well your house is the temple where your other temple lives. Come on, be proud of it, be proud of cleaning the floor, be proud of ordering your house. Get yourself some plants, this is the great timing of the year to plant. It is a great timing of the year to plant food. If you are going to be detoxing your body then start planting food; start planting tomatoes, start planting strawberries, start planting lettuce – anything you find so that you can eat it later, so that you get in contact with the earth. The home is the earth. It is your grounding. Go and review every single area of your house and see the things that you have and ask yourself if they make you happy. Do you use them? You’re going to use them? Can they make somebody else happy? Can you give them away? Can you donate them? Can you give them as a gift? Can you sell them? Get them out of your house. Get them in circulation. Get them in flow. Get out of your house and meet other people. It’s just fascinating just by cleaning your house how many people you could be meeting. Clean your house. Detox your house. Get out of your house all the things that you are not using and get out of the cupboard those things that you should be using that you haven’t and start using everything that you have. You will feel so wealthy by giving away the things that you are not using and by using the things that you have been hiding. Detox your home. Clean it. Make it shine. Let the light get into your house. Shove some furniture so that your – start flowing in a different way. Start feeling changing your bones, in your home. Oh, I can feel the detox and I can see you all moving the furniture wherever you are.

Number two, your body.
Detox everything of your beautiful body. Get yourself really good showers. Learn how to scrub yourself. Get some scrubs, really easy with sugar and lemon for your face, for your body. Get a beautiful shower in your time. If you can go to a sauna, do it, cleanse your body. Cleanse your body in the inside. Drink more water. Get rid of sugar. Get rid of alcohol. Get rid of coffee. If not forever that I almost do, I have gotten rid of coffee forever. I’m really excited about that. Alcohol and sugar are still a challenge to me, maybe I will never get rid of them. But do it for a week, do it for a couple of weeks. You will feel awesome getting rid of something that you know is not good for you. You know the stuff. I don’t need to tell you what things are not good for you. Come on, do it. Ask yourself, does this make me grow. Eating another hamburger, another french fries – does that make you grow? No, that grows your lack of self belief, your self doubt and your self loathe. Start saying no to yourself, to the things that you know that affect your body. When you start getting into that beautiful salad, that glass of water, you will be saying yes to yourself and your self belief, your self-reliance is going to grow. Detox your body from the outside, from the inside.

Number three, your mind.
What do you have in your mind? I invite you to a challenge, a 21 day challenge. For 21 days, I invite you to do not criticize, do not gossip, do not complain about anything. What could you do instead? Look for what is actually working. Imagine you go to a restaurant and the service is a disaster, the food doesn’t taste good. The situation is quite horrible, you are about to complain. That’s the exercise. So you have to open your eyes, your ears, your imagination to see what is that that is working. In any case, if the situation is so disastrous, you can look at yourself and say hey, I’m alive! I am able to be in this experience to experience it. So this is a 21 day challenge. Under no circumstances you will criticize, you’ll complain and you will gossip. Yes, if you are in company of people who do that, you will figure out a way not to do it yourself. You can walk out of the situation or you can say something to praise, to make people happy, to make people enthusiastic. Detox your mind. No more complaining, negativity. That’s what the high expression of yourself will do.

Number four, relationships.
Number three is very related to number four. As we are mirrors of each other, we tend to hang out with people who are very similar in vibration to us; complainers, gossipers, critics, cynics. Oh my goodness, when I was in the cynicism part of my life, I had so many cynical people around me. The moment when I started getting enthusiastic and happy to be myself, they disappeared. And now who are my friends? People who are just so enthusiastic, full of life and possibilities. That is the way it goes. I’m not telling you to dump people forever, especially don’t dump your family, but be closer to the people who make you enthusiastic and make you happy to help you to grow. My very best friend, what she does all the time is that she asks me critical questions; she asks me why am I doing that, what do you mean by that, is this your best work. That is awesome, I cherish this friend. This is the kind of people that you deserve. So hang out with those ones, people who you are happy with, people who help you to grow, people who your higher self will love.

Number five, finances.
Hey, no I didn’t leave money out. We have so many negative behaviors about finance. And the worst behavior of finance is that we do not pay attention to it. You see what I used to do before is that I wouldn’t open the envelopes of the taxes, of invoices. I just wouldn’t open them. I don’t want to see, please don’t let me see that. Even if I had all the money in the world to pay all those debts, I wouldn’t like to open them. I even got into problems, financial problems, people asking me to pay those bills even if I had all the money to pay them, because I didn’t open the envelopes. Start opening the envelopes. Don’t be an ostrich. Open all those envelopes. Get yourself a budget, a very simple budget. What is it that you want? You want that holiday? You want that car? You want all the couture dresses? What is it that you want? Write it down, the big pieces, the big whats of your year. And then this will allow you to save money because you know you’re saving for that big trip, that you’re saving for that big car. So you will not anymore go to that cheap dinner that you could have avoided. You will stop doing things that do not make you happy, that don’t allow you to grow and that your high self wouldn’t do. Make a budget exactly with the opposite, with the things that make you happy, with the things that allow you to grow. Go and invest in yourself. Go and buy books. Go and buy courses. Go and buy mentors. Invest in yourself. Ask your higher self in which things should you invest in and ask your higher self do you really need that car and that old couture dress. Forget about expenses, invest. Invest in your growth. Invest in your development.

So here you have it. This is my spring makeover to you. Ask yourself does it make me happy, does it make me grow and will my higher self be or do or have these things. And I gave you five areas of life: home, body, mind, relationships and money, but hey you can expand wherever you want in your life and your higher self will guide you to the things that you will need to let go of and the things that you will need to take home. So what do you think? What are you going to do? What touched you of all the things that I said? What are the things that you’re going to implement today? Share it with us here below in the comments. I really love to hear from you. Tell us how you are going to detox your life. And please if you like this video, please like it and share it. Share it with all the people who need the spring cleaning. And as always, I remind you to be all in.

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  1. especially that complaining, I have discovered something interesting, about not complaining, I don’t mean ignore your own feelings when something is happening different than expected or people are rude or whatever, the feelings are there and are what they are and I would say even acknowledge them, I experience that is ground them, I also call it don’t project it on the other person, don’t project it on yourself, project it on mother earth. The fun part is, in this kind of acknowledging and accepting state of being, very soon another event happens what is the opposite of “the complaining situation”, for exampling being misunderstood by one person, the next day out of the blue the opposite happens and totally being seen and understood. That is really one of those miracles of not complaining, it is that shift from “how things should be” to “how things are”.

    1. I’m totally with you, Harma! Complaining is so draining and yet so addictive. As you exercise the muscle of appreciation, the complains have no power over you.
      I let go of coffee months ago. The first week was so difficult. I has withdrawal symptoms, just like a drug addict. Horrible! Now It’s automatic. My identity has changed: I don’t drink coffee.
      I believe that we can let go of complaining (and anything else) just like that. First it will be horrible, painful, almost impossible. Then it will be easier and finally it will be just part of our identity.
      Enjoy life as it is!

      1. Yes I remember that too, stop drinking coffee actually gave me headache a couple of days, I was even surprised since I only drunk one or two cappuccino’s a day. I switched to decaf, as an alternative, espresso or cappuccino decaf with rice milk.But still not a heavy user one or two day, for me it are those little sweet things of the day. The one other thing I could use a detox on is the use of artificial sweetener. Use less and switch to stevia. But good of you of letting go of coffee!!!

        I wanted to add another thing about complaining, I realized another part of it is “taking action”, what I used to label “complaining works”, in the sense that if there is a problem to something to fix it. Today a great example, I bought a frying pan a year ago and the anti frying coating was releases, so instead of complaining “what a horrible pan and what a bad quality” I still had the receipt and went back to the shop and without any discussion I could change it for another pan. That is what used to label “complaining works”, but I think you call this “taking action”.

        1. It’s fun that I read this one now. I was just writing about the down sides of positive thinking and the upsides of negative thinking.
          I guess that the problem arises when we have too much of either. When we are stuck into the negativity: we don’t get going, we don’t make changes, we don’t dare…
          When were are stuck into the positive thinking: we get tunnel vision, we become lethargic, we ignore our feelings
          We need balance. We need both. To go to extremes doesn’t work.
          Have a great day!

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