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Consistent Consistency – 7 Effective Ways to Get Things Done, All The Time

Do you have an ambitious goal? Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to lose some weight? Do you want to learn how to meditate? Have you noticed how we tend to start really enthusiastically and we do things and we show up and suddenly we don’t? We don’t reply to phone calls. We don’t show up to our meditation class. We don’t do what it takes. We don’t show up in front of the computer to write our book. Being consistent is really challenging. Consistency challenges us completely, our body, our mind, our soul. It challenges our energy and emotions, our intelligence. So today, I decided to share with you my Seven P’s to Consistent Consistency.

Number one, P of purpose.
When you remember why you do what you want to do then you stand up. You get out of bed and you rock it. You know how I remember what I got to do and get fired up every morning? I write* my goals in a vertical way. This is how you start with the biggest goal in my life. I want to ignite and sustain epicness. I want to remind you that you are a hero, that you are a heroic, that you are powerful. That is what I’m here for on the planet. In 2016, my goal – so that is the next level, my goal is to allow everything to go great. That is my goal for this year, to allow myself to do greatness, to allow myself to live greatness, allow everything to be great. Allow greatness, that’s my goal of this year. My goal of this quarter is go out. I want to network more, I want to meet people. My goal of this month is to launch a program. You see how all of them are related? And that makes me wake up in the morning, that makes me being here with you to do this video. From far away in the future something unattainable, how can I help you to be epic, to remember that you are epic, to be here right now and being present. When you remember your why, it is very easy to stay consistent.

Number two, pledge.
Make a conscious pledge, a conscious commitment to yourself that you will remain consistent. Even write it down, make a contract to yourself, with yourself that you will stay consistent on this very subject. Choose a subject you want and you can start with small things. I promise myself that I will wake up early in the mornings. I promise myself that I will drink more water. I promise to myself that I will write my book. I promise to get more no’s in my business so that I can get more yeses. I make commitment with myself. Make it as specific as possible. I want to wake up every day at 5 o’clock in the morning, it doesn’t matter if it’s Saturday, it doesn’t matter if it’s Sunday. I am going to never drink coffee, never. So what is going to be that pledge for you? Make that pledge. Make that commitment with yourself.

Number three, make a plan.
Yeah, we can make a pledge and think that is wonderful but when is it going to happen? Make it really specific. I’m in a pledge with myself that I will generate videos every single Sunday, I will release them every single Sunday. That sounds very nice but how am I going to do that? My plan is to record every single Tuesday and that is specifically what I do. I do not meet people on Tuesday. I do not have meetings on Tuesday. I do not have coaching sessions on Tuesdays. Tuesdays is my time to do videos. So you can make specific plans for your week. On Mondays, this is what I want to happen. On Tuesdays, this is what I want to happen. You can say in the morning this is what is going to happen. I wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning to write, I’m now writing a book and I have the plan of being there and concentrating in the time my family sleeps. And at some point, my children wake up and they come and hug me and that is the time to stop writing. Then I can be with my children because that’s my plan. Create a plan that works for you, that works for your family so that you can be present.

Yeah, you got it. That’s the fourth P, presence.
When you have a plan and you know what you are going to do, then you don’t have to negotiate anymore, oh I have to do this because this is happening. When you are running into your plan, life is going to happen and then you have to adapt and be present. Be present in what you are doing. As I give you an example that the moment of transitioning from writing to be with my family is when my children wake up, I have to accept that and be there, be there for my book – not even music I play, I’m just there with my book. Because I know that the alarm will go, my children will wake up, they will stop me, so I’m completely fully present. Then in the next chunk, my children wake up and I have an allotted time they will need to go to school. So this allotted time is to be with them and just now they will be the age that they are, so I have to be there with them because this morning will never repeat ever again. Presence. This will allow you to remain consistent.

P number 5 is pace.
When you are present, you need to manage one thing. And as you are changing and as you are creating a new version of yourself, as you are creating this wonderful project, ambitious project that is stretching you, you need to be compassionate with yourself and you need to take one change at a time. As you make your plan, plan for that so that you learn to make one element of your project, another element of your project, another element of your project. So let’s take the ambitious project of losing weight. First you start with something very simple like adding, drinking a glass of water with lemon every morning. That has a huge health impact and will help you to start cleansing, to start the losing weight process. Then you can start adding exercise; five minutes in the morning. Once you’ve made it a habit, then you can add drinking seven glasses of water. So the point is to stack up the activities so that you can really reach other activities that are more complex like getting rid of coffee, getting rid of sugar, exercising 45 minutes a day – many other things that you could be doing. But you get me that it has to be progressive and if you do it progressive, you pace yourself, you are able to build one on top of each other. It is easy, so you will remain consistent.

Then number six is very key and very masculine coming from a woman. I want you to be, to decide to become a pro.
That means that you will ignore your feelings, you will ignore your thoughts and you will just do it. It doesn’t matter if I feel like it or if I don’t feel like it, but it is Tuesday and I’m going to record my video. It doesn’t matter how I feel, I will ignore my feelings and I will work. You know how Hemingway wrote, he really wrote from 9 to 5, every day of his life. Whether the muse was there or was not there, he showed up in front of the typewriter because he found the muse. He didn’t go and walk in the park to try to find the muse, he showed up in front of his typewriter and the muse showed up. That is what it means to turn pro, that you start things whether you like it or not and you will find flow while you are doing the work, doing work that is patient and persistent, patient and persistent. Ignore your feelings, ignore your fears, ignore your unconscious beliefs that are trying to dominate your life. There’s so much going on about these unconscious beliefs, you want to reprogram your brain to take action. Decide to turn pro, decide to take action and all these unconscious beliefs – not a problem.

Number seven, this may be the most important one which will sound like a contradiction to the previous one. Number seven is pick yourself up.
What happens if today you didn’t write? What happens if today you ate a massive bar of chocolate? What happens if today you did not meditate? Give yourself a hug, be compassionate with yourself and start again. Don’t look for the reason. Don’t start saying why do I self sabotage myself, truly it was because of my parents and let’s blame somebody. No, I’m picking myself up, I am bigger than this and I am starting again and I will be starting again right now. Whatever you thought that was not possible, start again and start again immediately without judgment, with loads of compassion to yourself.

So there you have it, these are my seven P’s to consistency; purpose, pledge, plan, presence, pace, pro and pick yourself. I hope that this helps you to be more consistent.

Please let me know in the comments below what is it that touched you, what is the thing that you are going to use in your life to be more consistent. And share with us if there is something else that you are using to improve your consistency because we all want people who implement their dreams, they do not just dream about them but do it. Share with us more about consistency. And please if you like this video, please like it, share it with their friends in social media, and as always I say goodbye to you reminding you to be all in.

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