April 19

How To Break Through Among What Is Breaking Down – Your Ultimate Guide


The old economy is dying and a fresh new way of doing business is emerging. Open your newspaper and you’ll find enough evidence of what’s breaking down: bankruptcies, lay-offs, crisis, fraud… Open your web browser, go to spiritual centers and you’ll find enough evidence of what’s breaking through: light workers, sacred births, spiritual millionaires, flourishing social entrepreneurs….

Abraham Hicks, Tim Ferris, Seth Godin, John Assaraf, Bruce Lipton, Neem Ontslag.nl, Doreen Virtue, Chris Guillebeau, Edwene Gaines… YOU!

Why institutions are breaking down and more free agents are starting to stick their neck out? There is a great consciousness transformation in the world, a great awakening and it demands us to step out of the sidelines. We need to give our opinion. Neutrality is no longer an option. Each one of us has to show our true colors, including all our contradictions.

You are what you’ve been waiting for.

The time of followership is dead. You are the leader of the next future. There are no role models to show you the path. You’re the role model and you’re creating the path as you walk. You came here as an actor, not as a spectator. Now it’s not acceptable to sit down and see life pass by. Now the world needs us to transform the old paradigms into new possibilities. We cannot let this great opportunity pass by. Now we can transform it all: education, health, energy, economy, ecology, intimate relationships…


Inspired and imperfect action.

So, what’s inspired imperfect action?

Action should be first inspired: coming from your heart. Inspired action feels slightly uncomfortable, but is calling us more and more. If we don’t follow the calling of inspired action, it will burn us. Inspired action calls us to be bigger that we are now. It calls us to be really BIG. Write a book. Build the Olympics. Be a mom. Change the worldwide health system. Facilitate children’s connection with their spiritual self. Have just meaningful conversations.

The roots of the word inspiration come from the Latin word inspirare which means to breath. Air is the essence of life. Without air we die. Without inspiration, life is meaningless. Inspired action is what reinforces your reason of existence. We have become really good at suppressing the connection with our inspiration. We have even been led to believe that this is a luxury, that we should concentrate our efforts in practicalities; having a house, having an impressive job title and other (from my point of view) useless endeavours. Tell me, are bricks breathable? Is a business card breathable? Inspired action is not a luxury, it’s not an option. Inspired action is the ONLY way to authentically and fully be who you are.

I can hear you: “Yes, Blanca, BUT_______”. I know, I know. Now the conditions are not right to take inspired action. Correct? I have good news for you: the perfection of the conditions are between your ears. You are the one who judges them to be imperfect.

I’ll write my book once I’m 80, then I’ll have time

I’ll be an expert once I’ve got my certificate on XYZ

I’ll go on a world trip once my children are out of the house

I’ll give my opinion once they promote me

I’ll speak in public once I have something to say

I’ll call my old friends once I’m successful

I’ll go to / do _____ once I retire

Waiting for the “right” conditions to arise is the most certain strategy to remain in the same place for the rest of your life. The same place in this context is everything you’re complaining about: not enough money, people who disrespect you, lack of customers, uncertainty….

Waiting for the “right” conditions to arise is the certain way to have a gray life, without meaning, without adventure, without love, without passion, without color, without contrast.

Stop labeling imperfect the current conditions. Stop labeling imperfect your ability/capability to act. See them as absolutely perfect. Fall in love with the current conditions. When you stop fighting those “imperfections”, it’ll be easy to take inspired action. Don’t worry about this action being perfect. The reason why you’re taking action is to tell the universe that you mean business. The universe will give you feedback on the next step forward. But, you see, the universe cannot give you feedback if you stand still.

Today, tell the universe that you mean business. Let go of the gray neutrality.

Take inspired and imperfect action!

Neutrality is no longer an option

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