January 19

Prepare For The 6 Figures Life


These days are full of surprises: blessings left, right and center. I’m losing count how many of them! Gosh! These days many of my dreams are coming true. The life that I have today is closer to my dream life than yesterday’s life. Everyday I have to make adaptations to “cope” with the wonders of my new life. Each adaptation implies more focus on what I do want and letting go of what was my past. Each adaptation demands from me to be closer to the dream and to refuse to be seduced by the mediocre and comfortable past. My vision of my dream life is my point of stability in this high speed reality. Holding on to it makes me stable in the flux and flexible for new opportunities.

Having a vision of your dream life is a self fulfilling prophecy. Having a vision of success is for your unconscious mind no different to having actual success in reality. Visualizing the realization of your dream projects is more powerful when you make real space to welcome it. Yes, I mean real space: new binders for the documentation of the new customers, empty drawers for the new clothes you’ll have, smaller size dress for your new slim body, empty hours in your agenda; open eyes, mind and heart to receive what comes…

1. Cleaning for clarity
Clean your cupboards, your closets, your desk… give away clothes you haven’t worn in 12 months. Donate those books that you won’t read in the next 3 years.
Make boxes full of items you are not ready to give away. Make a list of all the contents per box and mark each box with the packing date. It’s is very likely that you won’t use any of these items in the coming year. In one year you will have the realization that you can live without them. You will be able to let them go: donate them, sell them, give them as a gift to someone who would use them, etc.
Make a party of your cleaning project. Play your favorite music. Have a vision how it will look afterward. While you clean repeat (preferably sing) a phrase that makes your heart sing. Good phrases are:
–    Cleaning for clarity
–    New space for the new
–    I open my heart for the future
–    I travel light through life
–    I have it all already, I’m so wealthy!

2. Outsource
No matter if you are a business owner or not. You can outsource a lot of your non core activities. Of course you decide what your core activities are and which are not.
Cooking for me is a core activity. Cooking is an investment in important elements of my life: my health, my body, my relationship with my partner, my creativity, to mention some.
For me ironing is not a core activity. I find it boring. I am not good at it. I don’t even want to learn. My service provider enjoys it and is tremendously good at it. The same happens with accounting. I find it boring. I am not good at it. I don’t event want to learn. My service provider enjoys it and is tremendously good at it.
Once you decide on your “definitively YES list”, everything else should be in the “NO list”. Many activities in the “NO list” can be outsourced. There are infinite services available on-line. Visit www.elance.com. You will be amazed!
Outsource what you find boring, you know you’re not good at and don’t want to waste time to become mediocre at. Outsource what others could do better, faster and cheaper than you. You will improve your life, the life of the outsourcer and the economy.

3. Plan for surprises. Plan bigger and bolder
Do not plan 100% of your plan. Don’t believe that you know everything that will happen. Be open for surprises, for additional blessings. Expect them! Don’t get hanged up in the how. Even if you cannot see how it will happen, plan as if it will happen. My best customers, my largest contracts have happened via synchronicity. All of them have delightfully surprised me.
One of my customers was very hanged up with how interruptions messed up her agenda. We analyzed each one of the “interruptions”. All of them brought something to her: potential customers, additional technology to improve the service delivery and even reminders of her strengths and wisdom. After seeing those “interruptions” that way she chose to call them “additional blessings”. She decided to pay special attention to them and identify what was the gift in each “interruption”. She was more present in each conversation she had. In the next two weeks, she expanded the contract with her current customer, met a potential future customer and had a ground break conversation with her daughter. She now lists all her “additional blessings” every evening. Her business and her life are blooming with possibilities.

Get ready to welcome your blessings left, right and center. So many that counting them would blow your mind. Create space for the thousands of dollars coming in. Create space for the dozens of new customers that you will attract. Create space for your new wardrobe. Create space for thousands of smiles and flowers that will decorate your life. Create space to let energy flow your way.


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