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How to become a morning person


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Deepak Chopra says that the people who think they are no morning persons, they are just out of whack. He is not alone in thinking that our natural way of being is following the circadian rhythms. The Chinese said that centuries ago. The modern Harvard researchers confirm it. My great grandma who died of 118 years old lived by it. Needless to say, I share their views. Because of that I have years waking up early. Now my normal time is 5 am. During a very creative period I was waking up at 3 am. It was awesome.

Some months ago I shared with you my fascination with the results: why to wake up early. However I didn’t tell you the process to become a morning person. My dear reader, Sumaera, asked me. Thank you, friend! So here is my answer to her and to all of you. Enjoy!

1. Develop a very good and compelling reason

Some benefits of waking up early are related to health and anti-aging. Does that appeal to you? Imagine yourself old, healthy, vibrant and enthusiastic. I think of myself being 123 year old, partying and dancing. I imagine myself playing with my grandchildren. Waking up early won’t be a chore, but the bridge to a wonderful you.

Some other benefits are related to success. When you plan your day early in the morning, you’ll have high productivity days every single day. The accumulation of perfect days will make you successful. I imagine myself touching the life of thousands of people, seeing their life change, becoming happier, healthier and wiser. I imagine them better than before. Does that move you? Imagine yourself successful and fulfilled. Waking up early will become your best tool.

2. Have a project

When I established this habit in my life, I had a very specific project: write a book. The best of this story is that it was a book about productivity. Can you imagine? I was writing what I was experiencing. That book made those habits stick.

You can have all kinds of projects: creative and learning projects. You can paint in the morning. You can learn an foreign language. It must be something that really matters to you. Maybe, like in my case, you must have a deadline.

3. Make an evening schedule

Habits are very useful. “Habits eliminate the need of self-control” says Gretchen Rubin. You won’t need to negotiate with yourself if today you’ll wake up early or not. It is just what you do.

How could your power down schedule look like?

9:00 Switch off all your devices. Blue light (more in the next point)

9:30 Get ready to bed: brush your teeth with a lot of attention, clean between them with floss or toothpicks or interdental brushes., take off your makeup off. Use this time to start relaxing into sleep.

10:00 Take the stress out of your body and mind. You can do some yoga or meditation in bed.

10:30 Set the intention for the night. You can ask your unconscious mind to give you an answer or solve a problem for you (more here). You can also set the intention to rest, to detox, to heal and to awake more beautiful, vital and younger.

4. Avoid your smartphone and reader before going to bed

Scientist have proved that blue light, the one that your smartphone, and your tablet produce, negatively affects sleep, circadian timing, and next-morning alertness, When our circadian rhythms are seriously thrown off scientists believe our risk for heart attacks, obesity and type-2 diabetes, and various cancers increases.

Besides the huge health issues, there is the question of attention. If you are playing your favorite game, you won’t be able to fall asleep, as you’ll be still engaged in the game.

5. Have a motivating ritual to wake up to

This is a perfect time to get your power on. I talked about this before. I call it the Center Hour. This is the perfect moment to go back to center, to your heart, to the big things you stand for.

This is also perfect time to remember all what you are grateful for. List all those things that ease your life. List all those wonderful people who love you. Feel that sense of love and appreciation. You’ll feel energized and unstoppable.

Remember your goals vertically: first your life goal, then your annual goal, then your quarterly goal, then your monthly goal, then your weekly goal and finally set the goals for the day. Particularly set the 3 with the highest contribution towards your goals.

6. Build this up

Change your habit 15 minutes at a time. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier, wake up 15 minutes earlier. Move those 15 minutes as soon as you feel comfortable with that schedule. Listen to your body. There will be a morning when you wake up before the alarm. That means that you are ready to challenge yourself a bit more.

7. Keep your good and compelling reason alive

Of course there have been mornings when I just don’t feel like waking up. Bed is so warm. How can I stand up? How can I move from the warm bed into the cold room?

Then I remember my good and compelling reason and asked myself: how badly do you want it? Before answering it, I’m always out of bed.


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