July 24

Failure is the road towards success – not a wall

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Ryan McDonough

Donnie Ray Jones

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  • I so agree Blanca, I so agree, there are so many blessing in “failures”. I recently discovered a “failure” from the past that was actually a blessing, It was over already 11 years ago. I went on a work trip to the UK, it was very last moment and I was covering the place of someone else. I was not well prepared, I ended up in trouble with some of other team members and as I always do blamed myself. Looking back on it, last week, I realized that that trip, yes all the “failure, not doing well part and troubles” were all right or true, but that was not about that!!! It was a first concrete step of a deep inner desire to become more international and have a more international life becoming reality. In the years following this developed more and more. So looking at it in that way, so many “failures” can be steps into a new direction or a new future. Failures simply do not exist! And “doing wrong” also not. Doing it, that does is the only step to take.

    • I so love your example! Thank you so much for sharing this. We don’t like to even think about our failures, let alone share them online. I hope this inspires others to dare more. Thank you so much! Have a great summer!

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