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The 8 Saboteurs Of Mighty Things: # 3 Time

Hola! I’m Blanca. You are meant to have an optimal life, one that’s happy, successful, abundant and of great contribution. My mission is to help you achieve that. Learn more “I don’t have time” is one of those lies that have become true through repetition. We have repeated it enough that we even believe it. […]

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The Great Helplessness Hoax

What are you feeling with all the recent events? Are you feeling helplessness? Fear? Anger? It’s almost impossible not to identify with all the problems that have occurred in the past days. They have touched us all. The most terrible feeling that we’re experiencing right now is the one of helplessness. Because these problems appear […]

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Leverage Your Worst Nightmare

Dreams, dreams, dreams. I almost hate the word. Everybody talks about it, but that’s all there is: talk. The word itself has become a kind of cheap commodity. “Follow your dreams”, “get your dreamed job”, “live your dream”…. Nightmares are overlooked as profound motivators. They are so interesting. Think about it: What’s your worst nightmare? […]

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