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How to pitch your innovative business idea to a bureaucratic organization

​We are living a massive transformation in business. Today’s innovative entrepreneurs are changing the world. They are the ones who are implementing the sharing economy, sustainability, diversity…. (Don’t take my word for it. Just check this inspiring article) All those wonders that large corporations and governments are dreaming about. The challenge for these modern heroes […]

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The One Skill to Thrive in Massive Disruption

​There’s just one certainty about the future of work: uncertainty. Your work, your company and your industry will be disrupted. We live in unprecedented times where massive change is all around us. Consider,The demographic and socioeconomic trends of the past decadeThe rapid urbanization and globalizationInsane fast advances in technology: machine leaning, robotization, mobile internet, the […]

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102 Effective Possibilities to Nurture Stressed Out Professionals

Stress, self-doubt, self- criticism and other life destructive forces don’t have a chance in the presence of self love. Here you have 102 ideas to nurture yourself back to health, happiness and high performance. ​Cut yourself slackDon’t take other people’s opinions of you too seriouslyAsk for helpNotice what you are doing “right”Give yourself a treatDanceEat […]

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Get Up and Get It Done

​The sentence “somebody call the ambulance” gets NO reaction. No-one get up. No-one gets it done. Have you ever wondered why no-one takes on obviously needed projects? Why no-one called the ambulance? why no-one reported a crime? why no-one took care of that customer? why no-one cared for the animals?  I have also wondered why “somebody” didn’t […]

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