September 5

3 Brilliant Keys to Build Massive Self Confidence

Would you like to increase your self confidence? Do you feel a quiet apprehension or true panic when you are about to do something? Public speaking, asking for the sale, raising your prices…

Would you like to step above these fears and take the action that you know you should take?

I know you’ll enjoy this episode. Regardless how confident you are, you can always increase your daring. Because you see, when we don’t dare anymore, we don’t learn anymore, we start dying. To constantly increase your self confidence is of vital importance. Yes, it’s a matter of life and death.

Today I share with you my top 3 favorite self confidence boosting habits. To make self confidence consistently grow you need to build the muscle. In other words you need to build the habit of growth, learning and expansion.

And now, it’s of course your turn. I would love to hear your wisdom.

How do you expand your daring?

How have these ideas boosted your self confidence in the past?

Add a comment below, so that the conversation is richer. Your voice is needed.

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Thank you so much for watching, sharing with your friends and sharing your wisdom with us. Go and dare. Expand what is possible. Expand your comfort zone. Get discomfort. Grow. Inspire.

To your brilliance,


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By doing what is possible, you start doing the impossible @BlancaVergara

By doing things wrong, you will learn, grow and come alive @BlancaVergara

Surrender to doing things wrong. You will learn, grow and come alive @BlancaVergara

Do scary things. If you them, what else can you do? @BlancaVergara

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