June 5

3 steps to transform worry into your most powerful ally


Is there any sense in worrying? Everyone is asking us not to do it. We should avoid it as the plague. However, what does this recommendation actually do? It worries us. It’s impossible not to worry when the recommendation is not to do so. That’s just the brain works. If I tell you “don’t think about a pink elephant”, you will immediately have the picture of it in your mind. The same happen with the recommendation of not to worry.

Could worry have any benefits? After all is a mental mechanism that it’s so ingrained in our being. Could it be possible that worrying could be used for a god purpose? That is precisely my position this week. Today I invite you to worry: worry on a schedule, worry on purpose, use your worry. Today you will change this scary monster into a helpful friend. Curious?

Featured image by Jean L


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