September 15

Tired of the Masculine Approach to Business?


Working harder and harder is not the feminine way to approach life. We have been seduced to go beyond our limits by well meant recommendations:
- Never give up
- Excuses are for the weak
- Hustle, hustle, hustle

This has brought us some "success", maybe some money. However this hasn't improved our overall well being: happiness, healthy or love. This was certainly the way I lived for years! I was more masculine than men: hard worker, never complaining, getting things done.... Uff! Successful?

In fact, this linear way of thinking makes us hate our very own cyclical nature. We are not at peace with periods or menopause. They are unmentionable!

If we are to be happy, healthy, wealthy and hot, we must embrace our true nature. Let us embrace water as our teache. 
We must flow like the Divine Feminine. Let us be increasingly aware of the subtle changes in the environment and based on that make our plans and choices. 


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