July 22

Massive Action Might Be Business Self Sabotage and How to Do Instead

Abundance is a habit. Poverty is also a habit. Business Self Sabotage is a habit. These habits are very, very ingrained. So ingrained to the point that we think it is our identity. These habits are inherited from generation to generation. Fortunately, we can change this around, if we want to.

It is possible to change a bad inherited habit. If you read about the possibilities of epigenetics, you will be delighted to hear that you can change your biology. You can stop being ill by changing your attention. Can you imagine if you can change your entire body? Can you not change your relationship with money? Absolutely yes! If you can change, what happens in your mitochondria, you can change what happens in your wallet. The same technology can be applied.

Self-Sabotage cycle

Let's explore how we sabotage our business success. See the image in the right. This cycle starts with a trigger. Something happens that makes us remember that we are in lack. And from there everything goes wrong. We all react and results are bad. Of course we conclude that we are bad. We act less and the cycle repeats again and again.

This is something that we all understand very easily, because it is basically nothing else but repeating the programming that we have been getting used to. This is who we are.

Changing this programming is not that easy. You cannot simply tell yourself that when next time you have the same trigger, you just change your behavior. That is only superficial and doesn’t work. The way we behave is controlled by our unconscious programming.

Unconcious programming

Think of an iceberg. The top of the iceberg, the part that is visible above the water, is relatively small in comparison to the part you cannot see. What is beneath the water is what really is generating your behavior. Indeed the amount of money that you have in your bank account is a consequence of your unconscious programming.

This was not only learned in childhood, but was also inherited, biologically, through your DNA, from your parents, your grandparents.

Traumas carry through in our DNA up to seven generations. So it is very possible that your great great grandparents at some point, suffered war, famine, rape, murder or other dramatic experiences. If you consider the history of women, it's even more painful. We women have been literally and legally objects for the past thousands of years.

New consciousness

Now we all as humanity are rising to a new consciousness. Especially women long to express our our feminine wisdom. However  our divine feminine is wounded. To be sensual is considered dirty. To be motherly is considered a waste of time. To be beautiful is considered vain. To be intelligent is considered masculine. It's like women don't have any escape to be a woman.

So reconciling all this takes intention and courage; and most importantly, patience and persistence. I have been doing this work, since I realized that top part of the iceberg, full of technologies, of marketing and branding and software, don't really move the needle in my business. Actually they don't really move the needle in your business either.

If you really want to move your business and your life forward and you want the whole enchilada, you really have to work in your "underneath the water"-programming. That unconscious programming is totally possible to be changed. Do you want to learn how to do that?

Unleash yourself

I invite you to join me in a journey of four weeks. It is free. Why is it free? It is because it is a beta course. I will be doing it for free, but just this time. Afterwards I will be selling it.

So you are here. You are invited to join me to test drive this course. I know it works. I have been using it myself. I have been using it with my customers and I see how their businesses, their life and their impact is growing.  Their business are growing in grace, joy and profit. So if you want to join me, apply here.

What I would really want from you is that you are really committed to make this happen. Imagine the impact of transforming your relationship with money: Not only you're going to attract more money to your business, but you're going to serve more people. And you're going to enjoy life even fuller than you do today. Sign up today.

You know what to do to grow your income, yet something paralyzes you.

You’re not alone.

Centuries of mental conditioning are stopping you and every single female entrepreneur from her next level of deserving, self-worth and achievement.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to have a cell with me. If you know you're under-earning and undervaluing yourself, plus you cannot work any harder, let's have a conversation.

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