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“I don’t have time” is one of those lies that have become true through repetition. We have repeated it enough that we even believe it. Repeating this lie as we go through the day disempower us and stops us before we start.

This lie had a devastating effect in my life some years ago. When I was launching my business, I became pregnant. Immediately I was overcome by a huge panic. “I don’t have time” was a constant mantra in my mind. I would run in circles avoiding the most important actions in my business because I thought that once I had a child I wouldn’t be able to deliver on my promises. Yes, even before becoming a mother, I didn’t take action I know would be beneficial for my venture.

So, the Universe said: “Your wish is my command”. I had a miscarriage. Then it hit me. That lie had created this outcome. So I decided to tell the truth from then on: I do have time. I have time for all what I chose to do. I do have time to see the sunset. I do have time for the most profitable actions in my business. I do have time to make love to my husband. I do have time to hug my children. I do have time to call my mother. I do have time to exercise. I do have time to sleep. I do have time choose what I have time for.

You don’t have to have such a trauma to reach this conclusion. Simply, start telling the truth. You do have time. You have 24 hours a day, 1440 minutes a day, 86,400 seconds a day. These are the very same assets that Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Tony Robins, the tramp and your depressed friend have. The difference among all these people is not how much time they have. The difference is clearly how they use it. They use it differently because they think differently about it.

I do have time

First, you have to start repeating this new mantra: “I do have time”, “I do have time”, “I do have time”, “I do have time”, “I do have time”… Repeat it at least as many times as you have said “I don’t have time”. For this count consider all the times you’ve said that in your entire life. At least as many times you need to create the new thought habit of believing that you do have time.

Decide fast

Secondly learn to decide. You see, we waste our lives in indecision. Take for example your email inbox. Our inbox shows our speed of decision making. The fuller it is the more pleasing and accommodating we would like to be. The emptier it is shows our ability to make choices.

Indecision generates inaction. Inaction generates panic. Panic sabotages all your mighty projects. No matter what the decision is, you must take it. You must move in the direction of your goal. No matter how small is your move. Action is crucial. ​

To speed your decision making you need to have a basic idea of where you are going. Do you want a vibrant and healthy body? The choice between the cake and the carrot is easy. Do you want a thriving business? The choice between calling a prospect or browsing social media is easy. Do you want a profound and beautiful relationship? The choice between a conversation and browsing social media is easy.

Sure there are decisions that are more complex. Like to choose between a healthy tomato and a healthy carrot, project a and project b. The solution is simple: follow your gut. Don’t think much about it. Ask your intuition, listen and take action. Once you are moving, you’ll learn, you’ll get feedback, you’ll get results and guess what the idea of not having time would have vanished. You’ll have momentum, focus and clarity.

The more you repeat these two steps, using the “I do have time” mantra and deciding quickly what to do, they will become second nature. They will become powerful rituals that will allow you to take advantage of your greatest asset: time.

If I manage to free you from the “I don’t have time” lie, I’m totally delighted. However if you need more support to implement it, I got you covered. I’ve developed a powerful experience that will rock your world. This is my “A Better ME in 100 days program”. In this program you’ll make happen your most important bold project. I’ll make sure it’ll happen with a combination of scientific cutting edge knowledge, group support and consistent tough love. If you cannot wait to do mighty things, join us. More here.


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