September 8

Stop! Celebrate! Remember: You rock!

Stopping? Celebrating? To get results we need to carry on!


The power of rituals is underestimated these days. You know,  I´m celebrating 5 years in business! AND I don’t want to underestimate this milestone. So I decided to create my very own ritual. It was centered on one single word: appreciation.

Why is this relevant for you NOW?

When was the last time that you gave yourself some genuine appreciation for your work? Cannot remember? Well, you are not alone. We tend to be more self critical than self loving. SO: NOW it’s a very good time to Stop! Celebrate! Remember: You Rock!

Step 1.

Stop! Let go of your to-do list, appointments, telephone calls, emails…. Take some time for yourself and think it as a great investment and gift for yourself.

Step 2.

Take a big piece of paper, the largest you can find. (BTW don’t do this in your computer! We want to connect directly with your heart chakra. Your heart chakra likes to work with your hands.) Create a matrix. The columns will be the years that you’ll be celebrating. The rows will be the areas in your life that you’ll be looking at. I’ve been working in these 3 areas for the past 5 years,

  • Intimacy. This is about personal intimate relationships: spouse, parents, children, intimate friends…
  • Personal Mastery. This is about the inner journey of becoming who we are. Here I include activities like artistic expression, healing, journaling, meditating…
  • Bliss Work. This is about the outer journey of becoming who we are. Here I include business decisions and activities, such as, claiming your ideal customer, raising your price, bringing your message out, taking a challenging business project…

Of course, the depth and expansion of each area will change per year, but the general view on it will remain the same. Of course, it’s possible that these 3 areas of life could be different for you, like achievement, compassion, financial independence… My recommendation is that they are always 3. Simply because it’ll allow you the blessing of focus.

Step 3.

Fill it in! You’ll write in each one of the cells 2 kinds of information

  • Your successes. Those achievements that make you so proud of your own powers, your kindness, your intelligence, your vision, your persistence…
  • Your gifts. Those blessons (blessings + lessons) that you were granted. Those challenging events that came to give you a great life lesson. You know? These ones are also achievements! Yes, because you allowed them to happen. They gave you the contrast needed to step up into the next size of shoes you should wear.

Step 4.

Read it. Look at it. Be with it. Internalize it. Embrace it. This is who you are. All these made you arrive here. All these are the building blocks that will catapult you to the next chapter of your life. Breath them. Appreciate them.

Read you. Look at you. Be with you. Internalize yourself. Embrace yourself. This is who you are. All these made you arrive here. All these are the building blocks that are catapulting you to the next chapter of your life. Breath yourself. Appreciate yourself.

Step 5. 

Next steps!

Ah! That will come with the next post! For now enjoy Step 4, with a glass of champagne, a piece of cake or simply a good intake of Prana.

Remember: YOU Rock!

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