November 19

What you cannot afford not to do before you die

I haven’t been able to write. It might be writers block. It might be that I caged myself in the analysis-paralysis cycle. I’ve been asking myself who I am meant to serve. I’ve been having a profound revisiting of my own life purpose. You might be wondering: Why is this relevant to me? Why is Blanca discussing this in her blog? Well, I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in synchronicity. Possibly, I am meant to serve you. Possibly, my journey might inspire you.

Our purpose resides in the realm of our unconscious mind. Our education, mainly based on left brain training, did not equip us with the necessary tools to communicate with our unconscious mind. I am certainly not the exception to have a hard time trying to open my ears to its messages.

I’ve heard several versions of what my life purpose is and who I am meant to serve. The past days famous question “What can I not afford not to do before I die?” has been shouting at me day and night.

A sense of urgency crept inside me. I realized that I got lost into business operations and that it was a good moment to take a step back into the realm of life strategy. I used my trusted method: journaling. I specifically used the conversations with my own trusted source: my BIG Self. My BIG Self is that wise old Blanca who loves me unconditionally and has access to all the wisdom of the multiverse. She is mainly unemployed, because I just don’t call onto her as often as I should.

I asked her and her response was short and clear:
You heal the fear of the builders of the new world

She always speaks very authoritatively, with great certainty. I believe her. This is what I have been doing for a very long time. I am the person who gets other people to believe in the beauty of their dreams. I am the person who inspires others to stop being the shadow of what they are meant to be. I have consistently done it since I was in elementary school. It has now been transformed in my day to day life.

Why did “What I cannot afford not to do before I die?” hunt me? I believe now I know it! I know my purpose. I worked somehow accordingly. However, I didn’t really own it. I didn’t share it before. I didn’t state it publicly before. Within my inner circle, I just recently dared to say it. Some taste of centeredness and power touched me and inspired me to go beyond. That’s why I am writing to you now, to my readers, to my tribe: to YOU.

I cannot afford not to heal your fear, because you are the builders of the new society, the new economy, the new world! It is my purpose to move you beyond that fear into your true calling. It is my purpose to help you to play big, Real Big! It is my purpose to help you out of the shadow into your brightest light. It is my purpose to get you out of the world of “they don’t let me”, “just if…., I would….” , into the world of “today it’s very possible that …”

I aim to bring you to believe in something bigger and brighter than your current perception of reality. I want you to connect with your own power, call it hope or call it love or any name you want. I want you to answer the same question: “What I cannot afford not to do before I die?” No matter what answer you get: own it! State it aloud. Act accordingly. Go out and take one simple small step. Take imperfect action TODAY. Your Own Knowing will correct you. Each day you’ll be closer to your calling. Each day you’ll have a better answer to the question. Each night you can look back and say “Yes, this is the life I dram about. Yes, this is MY life!”

What can you not afford not to do before you die?


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