June 7

Mid Year Crisis? Re-ignite Your Fire

Are you in the mid year crisis? How are you getting on with the business and life objectives your set at the beginning of the year? Is it not really happening for you?

June always works like a wake up call for many of us. It certainly does for me. In June, we look back and wonder where the time vanished. Our goals now appear way too ambitious for the time left in the calendar. Our vibration starts going down and down: anger, disappointment, desperation, self-criticism….

Instead of changing your goals, working faster, harder, smarter, I suggest to you to raise your vibration! I suggest to you to re-ignite the belief on the possibility of your goals. Actually, I want you to re-ignite your certainty about them.

Here you have 3 practical ways to re-ignite your fire!

1. Experience
Visualize your goals as if they already happened, as if they were a true reality right now. Talk about them as if they were a true reality right now. Experience them as if they were a true reality right now. Create space for them to be.

Let’s say you want more customers. Buy a new binder and a set of dividers with many many tabs. This is the binder where you’ll have the data of each one of your customers. You’ll be amazed how the binder starts filling up by itself.

Let’s say you want more money. Walk like the wealthy person you want to be: relaxed and confident. Talk like the wealthy person you want to be: compassionate and loving. Think like the wealthy person you want to be: “All is in divine perfect order”. You’ll be amazed; money will come to you from known and unknown sources.

2. Why?
Remember your goals and why you want them. They idea is not to justify them, but to remember the many positive effects the materialization of your goals will bring.

Why do you want more customers? Because I want to serve more people stepping up the problem that I know I can heal. Because I want to transform more lives. Because I want to contribute to the happiness of people in the world.

Why do you want more money? Because I want a new wardrobe. Because I want to go to Brazil. Because I want the sensation of independence. Because I want to invite my friends to party. Because I want to help my family financially.

3. You deserve them!
Yes, you do! Remember why YOU are the right person to get what YOU want.

You deserve more customers, because you have all the credential, experience and LOVE for their pain. You deserve them because you deeply care for their transformation.

You deserve more money, because you deserve it ALL. Because you are more than good enough. Because you are lovely. Because you deliver great results. Because you are.

In a nutshell, to re-ignite the fire in your belly you need to raise your vibration. You need to bring back to your consciousness what’s the dream all about, why you want it and why you deserve it. With that inner fire, your action will be inspired and indeed perfect.


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