Superhero’s Journey – Mary Jane Roy, Resiliency Master

Mary Jane Roy transformed ​cancer into a ​more meaningful and beautiful​ life

​Mary Jane Roy’s formal education was as a registered nurse, having worked as a military officer in the Canadian Armed Forces in the IC and Cardiovascular units.

Since 2008, she has developed an expertise in individual resiliency and greater engagement in the workplace. She shares with others how they can be happier and healthier, while creating a better work-life integration for themselves. She recently completed a Happiness at Work Coaching training, is following the online University of Pennsylvania Foundations of Positive Psychology program and has certificates as a stress counsellor, heart coherency coach and her NLP Master Practitioner certificate. All of these programs have led to greater self-awareness and provided her with the tools to help others. Awareness is the first step to change and to making more supportive choices for oneself.

What she has found is that mastering a good balance in life is often a challenge. She believes, however, that with the proper knowledge and tools, anyone can improve their resiliency and optimism to what life brings onto their path. She is both facilitator in Keystone Success workshops and trainings, as well as providing one-on-one and team coaching for clients wanting to develop smarter strategies to increase their resiliency in challenging situations.

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