Superhero’s Journey – Jessica Lipowski, Be The Change

Have you ever wondered how to combine your contradictory likes and strengths? ​

​Jessica's story is a mix of continents, work and people. She is the author of Flavors of Life (2016), a non-fiction book detailing the life stories of 62 entrepreneurs from 41 different countries. Regardless of origin or background, one thing unites these people: all own a restaurant in Amsterdam. Jessica, originally from Detroit, Michigan and a graduate of Michigan State University, moved to the Netherlands in February 2011. With previous journalistic work published on (part of USAToday) and in The Washington Times, she is now an author who lives in the greater Los Angeles area. The book, in combination with Jessica’s past work experience, travels, and life as an expat, has enabled her to view food, travel, and culture through a different lens. 

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