December 18

How to survive Christmas when things are not that perfect


I'm Blanca.
You are meant to have an optimal life, one that's happy, successful, abundant and of great contribution. My mission is to help you achieve that.

Are you fearing not being able to survive Christmas?

Would you like to ​really enjoy this season?

Are you in fact dreading meeting that very special family member?

Are you stressed out by all the things that you need to do?

Are you not looking forward to missing the ones who are left you?

It is the expectation to be happy these days, however this expectation brings many often exactly the opposite. We could feel sadder, more stressed lonelier, poorer or more inadequate than in other times of the year. 

If your Christmas is not that happy happy, you will enjoy this video.

In this video you will learn a powerful technique to,

    • Melt fear
    • Blast guilt
    • Have peace with imperfection and let go of perfectionism
    • Make this season (actually your entire life) a luminous one


Do you want to do something magnificent with your one and precious life?

Now, I would love to hear from you.

I would love to hear your wisdom.

How do you survive the negative feelings associated with Christmas?

Please, share yourwisdom directly in the comments below.

Add as much detail as possible in your reply. Remember, your voice may be of great help to someone else. Your voice might be the one thing that will finally touch the heart of that one person. Please do share your wisdom. 

Share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts will be deleted as they come across as spam.

Thank you so much for reading, watching, sharing and sharing your insights.

I'm very grateful for your support.

With love,



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