Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid – Eradicating Poverty Through Profits

​NGO's and other well intentioned people have tried to eradicate help for decades. In the past year something else has been having a massive impact in doing so. In the words of Dr. Prahalad, profits are eradicating poverty. In his book "Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid"  he shares with us in a lot of detail how remarkable companies have created massive positive financial and social impact, while creating profits for themselves. 

In this video I give you a recap of this book and focus on one of the cases that he outlines here. It's a case very close to my heart. It takes place in Mexico and the central actors are women. Exciting to share how practically women are the profit makes and poverty eradicators.

​Check out my other book reviews. If you are liking this series, ​feel free to suggest me other books that will expand our conscious money making capabilities. Let us eradicate poverty through financial literacy, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, liking... being here! It means a lot to me. Together we're building the Heart Centered Economy today.


Blanca Vergara

Blanca Vergara MBA, soul entrepreneur, author, speaker and mom, has an uncanny vision for identifying passion and purpose. She has the charm to enthuse and the muscle to move you into action. Blanca delivers post modern, high-impact, transformational solutions for the builders of the Upcoming Heart Centred Economy to authentically renew the world.

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