July 28

Endless Journey Through Eternity


We are on and endless journey through eternity. Success and failures seen with the perspective lose their strong polarity. They look like beautiful gems in our journey, lovely moments to cherish. When we take the perspective of the long view, it´s so easy to let go of the pains of `mistakes` and the vanity of `successes`. The long view gives you peace, patience and power.

Take a step or two back, look at your life, embrace it all. Take a breath. Love it all. Welcome to peace, patience and power.

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Photo by Dale Guillard


abundance, fun, gratitude, habits, life purpose, transcendence

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  • Nossa existência pressupõe um tempo no planeta terra. Se a terra é o centro ontológico do universo, não sabemos. Sabemos que naquele tremendo e glorioso dia não perguntaremos mais nada!…:) (Free translation: Our existence presupposes a time on planet earth. See Earth is the ontological center of the universe, we do not know. We know that on that tremendous and glorious day we will ask no more! )

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