Embodying True Abundance

13 Habits to let joy, love and money flow freely

At the end of this course you will

Attract Abundance with Ease

You will be able to state your prices and approach customers who were  "out of your league" with never seen before ease and grace. 

Become the ONE

You will become the ONE and only option for your customers. You will reposition your talent, own what you were born to do and see competition vanish.

Go beyond the "I'm not good enough" Programming

At the end of this program you won't have the need to prove your mother (or anyone) wrong. Powerlessness and the impostor syndrome will have lost their dominating charge. 

Crown yourself as your own Queen

No more guessing what you should do. No more giving away your power to gurus, your mom or your husband. You'll allow yourself full sovereignty over yourself.

Shed the invisibility cloak

You will show up authentically in all media. Fear will be a vague memory of who you once were.
Now you're ready for the spotlight.

Who this course is for

This Course is ideal for female entrepreneurs who are tired of under-earning.  They work so hard with little reward.

A loud voice keeps them small especially when they are about to achieve something great. It sounds like: you are not good enough, girls should be seen and not heard, and the likes. 

They are actually ready to break this cycle and open the gates of abundance.

soul and business mentor Blanca Vergara

Hi, I'm Blanca

The first chapter of my life was all about being a success in the masculine way. I was a succesful executive: the poster perfect girl of "Women to the Top".

When my body and soul were tremendously hungry for the feminine, I quit my corporate career and dived into everything spiritual and emotional. It was a great choice as it allowed love and motherhood to enter my life.

Yet, my wallet was not very pleased. I became financially dependent on my husband. No matter how hard I worked and how much I learned, the very last second before success, I would sabotage myself for no apparent reason.

It was not until I worked on healing my inherited self-worth programming that my business started growing.  Now I'm paying it forward to other women just like me. And yes, you guessed it right. Their ability to allow money has increased as they reconcile with their past and align with their own hearts.

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