June 7

A counterintuitive way to reach your goals faster

We all want to reach our goals faster. We go ahead in the attempt armed with the idea of action, massive action. We end up having gigantic to-do lists that overwhelm us, confuse us and actually discourage us. In fact his approach of more more more is a recipe for disaster.

Could there be another way?

There is indeed. The expert who knows the answer lives within you. How can you access that knowledge? Check out today’s video.

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Also, I would love to hear from you. Do you have experiences receiving guidance that made you faster? Your stories are gold for others. Share them in the comment sections here below.

With gratitude for your appreciation, compassion and wisdom,


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More and more and more is a recipe for disaster @BlancaVergara
What is the least that I need to accomplish my goal? @BlancaVergara
Silence and solicitude give you speed @BlancaVergara
To be fast you have to be slow @BlancaVergara
If you want dramatic impact, you need to quiet your mind and connect within @BlancaVergara
Connect within and you’ll find all the shortcuts @BlancaVergara
Connect within and you’ll find the ultimate expert @BlancaVergara

reach your goals faster


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