September 18

Why avoiding the subject of money is ladylike and dangerous?

​Are you avoiding the subject of money?

I'm so surprised how many people share this behavior. I was such a massive avoider. It was costing me dearly in so many fronts.

Nowadays, many of my clients are suffering the consequences of this behavior. We need to change the underlying cause, our mental programming if we are going to finally open up about this subject. Massive benefits will be there for all: better intimate and business relationships, better financial future (think old age), more harmonious relationships and much more. Let's change your inner money game, so you get better results: income, relationships and impact. ​

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Join Our 

Do you avoid the subject of money? ​This avoidance generates massive problems​. Let’s kill this habit!

Join my next Money Mindset Brain Reconditioning Session. During this session you’ll confront this behavior and the mental programming that reinforces it. With my M3 (Money Mindset Methodology), you’ll be able to walk out of this workshop with renewed beliefs and hacks to be able to finally feel safe talking about money.

Back to you!

Are you just like ​I used to be? Are you one of this money avoiders​?
Let me know, what's your challenge. What is stopping you? What is this avoidance costing you? ​

Just scroll down to the comments and share with us what your challenges are.

​Alternatively, if you have managed to successfully stop being a money avoider, please do share your wisdom. What was that idea or action that was the secret of your success?

AND Please, do share, like and all that good stuff!

Thank you so much for reading, commenting and most importantly for doing the wonderful work that is changing the future!

With love,



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