September 6

Angry? Crying? Lost? You Are Pushed Into Another Dimension

Do you surprise yourself

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  • crying for no apparent reason?
  • angry and irritable for petty stuff?
  • paralyzed, unable to choose what to do?

You don’t fit here anymore. Look around. You don’t fit anymore in your own shoes, your own career, in your own life. Your own idea of how life should be doesn’t match anymore with what your soul is asking you.

Something big has to change


You pretend not to know what, but you do. You know what exactly. You don’t want to hear your intuition, because it’s too painful. You don’t want to let go of “it” because you invested a lot: time, emotion, money, reputation. What will “they” say? They? your parents, your classmates, the children, your partner, your friends, your colleagues…

You don’t want to let go, because it’s easier to continue surviving this `comfortable` existence than to confront the monsters in the shadows. It´s easier to live in the meaningless known, that in the expansive unknown.

Nonsense! You are called. You are called, guided and protected.


You have to take the first step. You have to take the first step in faith, not knowing.

Once you take the first step towards the uncertain call, you´ll be guided and protected the rest of the way.

I know, you´re asking, what´s the first step?

The first step is to embrace those “negative” feelings: sadness, anger, stillness… Sit down in silence and in your mind personify your feelings. Give a face, a voice, a presence to them. Start a conversation with them. Ask them,

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  • what you need to learn
  • who you need to become
  • what you need to let go
  • what the first (or the next) step is


Ask whatever you feel is needed. Express your gratitude to them. Really, say thank you.

Wave goodbye. See them vanish.

Write down all you learn from this conversation. Re-read it. Internalize it. Embody it.

And now the most important thing: ACT. Act accordingly. Take that first (or next) step they are asking you. Be bold. Remember you are protected.

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  • PS. If you are guided to contact me, I’m waiting for you. My guidance told me to offer my helping hand. I’ll be delighted to meet you. Just email me at


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