August 16

3 brilliant ways how to motivate yourself – especially when life sucks

You started full of enthusiasm and energy, suddenly your fire is out. Life sucks. You feel trapped, bored and dying inside. You find it difficult to keep on going.
How can you motivate yourself in those dark hours? Where can you get the energy to reignite your fire?

If you feel a pain in the gut that says “that’s me”, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this episode.

And honestly even if you are usually on fire, there are instances when you just don’t feel at your 100%. I mean you can always increase your energy and enthusiasm for your work.

In today’s show I share with you my top 3 favorite ideas on how to motive yourself to run the extra mile. I can tell you these ones not only energize you for the short term, but will keep you running for several miles.

Of course this list is not complete. We all motivate ourselves in different ways.

How do you re-ignite your fire? How do you motivate yourself?

Share with us in the comments below.

Thank you very much for watching and sharing. Interacting with you every week makes me so very grateful. Thank you!

If someone you know has lost his “fire”, please send them this video. It might be the spark that re-ignites it so that they can bring their light into the world.

To your brilliance,


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