Stop Self Sabotage – Get Out of Your Own Way

How can we stop self sabotage? How can we get out of our own way?

We all do this. Million reasons put to mind why something else should happen first, or that it will happen tomorrow, or any other loophole. All these “reasons” are thoroughly irrational.

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How can we stop self sabotage? How can we get out of our own way?

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Stop Self Sabotage. You are safe. @BlancaVergara

We sabotage ourselves to keep ourselves safe. @BlancaVergara

To achieve goals changes who you are and that’s scary to your ego @BlancaVergara

Your ego wants to keep you in the realm of the known @BlancaVergara

Identify what is the thought that’s stopping you. Make it your friend. @BlancaVergara

Reduce the charge of non-supportive thought by understanding @BlancaVergara

Reconditioning your mind through action @BlancaVergara


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