December 31

Year review 2020: Waking up from a long sleep

2020 Life Lessons

If I told you that my biggest success of 2020 was to be 100% happy with all areas of my life, you could think it impossible or even completely boring. I hope that sharing my context of the beginning of 2020 will lighten your interest and curiosity.

2018 was the year when I remember the key reason behind my own self sabotage: childhood trauma. That led me to do my inner work. One year later (2019), once I was crawling out of that heavy season, my mother died (and other 2 very close family members).


January 2020 started with the sensation of being done with grieving and inner healing. Still I would find myself crying when anyone would ask me "what I would like to be known for?" or simple what I did for work.

The most important highlight of this quarter was attending a live presentation of a very famous multimillionaire coach. She being an excellent sales woman convinced me to join her course.

My bank account was negative. I had basically no income, customers, or products. My business ideas were confusing and contradictory. 

When I came home and had a conversation with my husband, it was very clear that it was a crazy choice. I called her team and downgraded my purchase to her smaller offer. Still I didn't have money to cover that. 

AND here is where the life changing choice came. I asked for help.

Lesson #1: Ask for help

Asking for help creates a powerful bond with your loved ones. It requires from you to get real and clearly face where you are (financially, emotionally, in business...). It also asks from you have the courage to be vulnerable. Once you truly "get real", you won't fail your loved one in repaying the help. 

A friend of mine has seen behind the scenes of my entrepreneurial journey and offered repeatedly to help me financially. I never dared to take her on her offer. Shame, guilt and fear stopped me every time. Well, in this occasion it was differently. I called her and I asked her for help.

This was such an awakening. I had to make my business work to pay her back. I couldn't fail her. Just to think about her has given me the courage and destroyed any hesitancy to move forward.

AND March brought us the first Corona Lock Down. 

Well you know what happened. We all didn't know what to do. No-one had enough information and everyone was at home facing their own inner world. As I mentioned 2018 and 2019 were years of deep inner work, so at this time I was very strong inside. Because of that I was able to see the best in this situation. I could see that the Corona virus had put on the spot light the important things: love and life. So I thought the obvious consequence was to be grateful and to keep positive.

In that frame of mind it was logical to create the Facebook group: Thank You Corona. I invited all my friends. It was quickly in the hundreds of people finding reasons to be grateful for this remarkable time. We were meditating 3 times a week. I dared to do guided meditations. I started channeling. It was amazing!

I was so happy! I had managed to create an oasis of love and sanity in the midst of worry, fear and helplessness. I thought!

A troll came to tell me that I was wrong. He decided to attack me. Wow! I never experienced something like that before. He was vicious. He went heavy on me on every post I created. It was like if I was an enemy that needed to be destroyed. I spent at least one sleepless night on this subject. Then I blocked him everywhere.

However, something changed in me. I grew very grateful to this troll. He made me realize that having to courage speak up for what you believe is the only way to live. At least it's the only way I want to live.

Lesson #2: speak up

Global consciousness is raising. Very many seemingly contradictory perspectives are needed to build the future. We must hear your perspective, not just the voices of the few loud ones. 

As I was facilitating this group it was very clear to me that I had knowledge that some of them needed: how to create a product that people would buy. So was born the first program I created. With little to no promotion it was sold. With no effort I up-selled those customers to a bigger, more expensive and committed program. 

Don't take my word for it. My own customers share remarkable stories of personal transformation because of the work we've been doing together.

Sydney Thomas found in 2020 the courage to invest my energies and resources into starting a new venture in the midst of a global pandemic and the clarity to understand that I deserve to be my authentic self with the world, even if that sometimes makes me feel vulnerable and/or makes others uncomfortable. Read her story here.

How? How come I couldn't do it before? What was the difference?

Well, I guess Corona woke me up. It was resonating in my mind: "If not now, when?" This massive sense of urgency, to help people who needed what I know, made me forget my self doubt and perfectionism. Prioritizing serving my customers above my own self criticism made me create wonders. 

Lesson #3: if not You, who?

Connect with the needs and wants of the people you're meant to help. They will guide you. Get lost in serving them. Be obsessed in what they need and want. Enjoy discovering this every day. Work will become effortless. Perfectionism will vanish. Abundance will be automatic. Massive joy and fulfillment will be the best payment.


Once April arrived I started moving faster than in Q1. My little family built a system that allowed us to have a wonderful time in the lock-down. In the mornings, my husband would do the homeschooling and I would work. Kids would join mom for walk or artistic endeavor in the afternoon. Afterwards we would all enjoy silence. The evenings would be a join joy.

I invested in automation. If you want to know more about the bits and bobs, I spill all the beans here. This allowed me to do 2 launches in 3 months. I was so amazed and delighted by the ease of modern technology. Serious! I have an IT background, but so much happened in my 2 years off. Gosh! Things have changed so much. There's no reason not to have an online business right now. Internet has become the great equalizer. There has never been a better time to start (or grow) an online business, even as a side hustle.

Lesson #4: go online now

There's no way back to the way we did business before. Technology is ripe to create remarkable services online. Don't wait. This is a massive opportunity. 


I have so much knowledge in business. I hired a famous coach. Yet things were not moving as fast as I wanted. I was very disappointed with the support I was getting. There was not community support. Content was highly superficial, just what you could find anywhere online. The team behind the famous coach put all their effort in pushing me to buy the next level, while I was not impressed with what I paid for. So I went somewhere else to get support. 

I got amazing value in the free content of Pat Flynn. God bless this man! He's doing phenomenal work. Yet, I didn't buy. Something was off. What was I looking for?

I discovered Allie Bjerg. What great ideas! Refreshing lady, with her tiny offer idea. I bought her tiny offer. Did I actually use it? Did I buy more? What was I looking for?

Then I came across Sigrun. I attended a 3 hours event with her. I was amazed. I never, yes never, in all my online experience received so much value in 3 hours than those 3 hours. Sure, she talked about the what's and the why's, but she also talked about the how's. I was fascinated. Yet, I didn't buy. I had a coach, remember.

I kept in touch with some of the people I met with Sigrun. OMG! I saw them soaring in the weeks afterwards. What happened? What kind of magic had this Sigrun?

So I went to the next thing she created. It was again amazing. So much actionable value for ridiculously cheap price. I was over the moon. I bought. I was in for a treat. If her free and low priced content was awesome, her paid stuff was amazing. The big difference with her is that she goes beyond the endlessly talking about what to do, to actually taking action. Her programs are designed precisely for that: action. This makes your park your perfectionism and self doubt.

I found my coach. I followed the Somba Kickstart, the Somba Accelerator and I'm now currently enrolled in the Somba membership.

I found with her also my community. There is so much in common among these ladies: they are fast moving action takers. In Sigrun's  the words confused, stuck, afraid are not welcomed. Instead we talk about what's the problem at hand: decide the headline, decide the deadline.... Words have so much power. Putting attention in what we can control allows you to bloom.

Lesson #5: find your mentor

Freebie hunting is ok as a temporary stage that allows you to meet people. However to commit to work with one mentor is life changing. Make sure you invest in a mentor that shares your vision and values. This will be invaluable as in her campus you'll find a group of champions of your mission. 

No one does it on her own. Get a mentor. This is live changing!

What happened with my business and me after finding the right coach?

I've gotten my investment back. Even 2020 became my sales year ever thanks to her wisdom and support. Yes!

But that's not the most important thing. One of my biggest fears was to talk about the "Ancestral Female Trauma". I was keeping myself comfortable talking about business and the heart centered economy. Thanks to working with Sigrun, I was able to create a program on this very subject. Interest was massive: 138 women were my beta testers. These women were the cornerstone for all I've been creating since. They are the air beneath my wings. Their stories and their challenges are what gives me strength and enthusiasm to make this subject my one thing.

This is massive to me. This feels mine. This is the greatest gift of this year. Thank you Sigrun and all your team.


The last months of the year were all about creating order out of all the innovation I brought to my life. I was tired. So much had changed. I needed to regroup. This last quarter of the year has been a lot about reflecting on the whole year and visualizing the next. The biggest learning for me has been our power to create and destroy. When I dared to believe that things are possible, magic happens. When I identify with old ideas of shame and fear, limitation happens. You and I have the power to create and destroy. Use it. You're magical.

Lesson #6: you have the power

How you see yourself creates reality.

When you identify with the past you perpetuate it.

When you are at peace with it all, you're powerful and magnetic. Remember your identity. You are love. You're infinite power. Allow it all to come in.


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  1. Dear Blanca,
    thank you so much for this powerful sharing! I feel your solid groundedness and energy source!
    I also feel a special connection with you as I sense something very peculiar like “being a woman from the South of the World”. (I am Italian)
    I am very grateful to you for sharing your experience with Sigrun, who I discovered after seeing your “like” to one of her posts on LinkedIn 🙂
    I will stay connected to you on your Facebook group. I hope I will be able to share somehow with you my experience with Sigrun!
    Wish you a wonderful, fruitful, flourishing 2021,

    1. I’m so happy this resonated with you, dear Alessandra. I’m so happy you found Sigrun. She’s truly amazing.
      Let’s continue sharing the journey! In FB, or LI, …. We’ll meet.
      Have a wonderful 2021!

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