December 20

The Zen of High Performance

Want to boost your performance?


Take a rest. You need a need it, your family needs it. You need to take a rest if you really want to become a top performer and as a leader, you do want that.

Not convinced? I can tell you that this is the best practice that top athletes have; top athletes are the best nappers.

Not convinced? I’m going to give you five reasons, five benefits that you can get with taking a deserved holiday, a deserved disconnection of the digital world. Ready?

Number one, recover.

When you take rest, you will recover. What do you need to be recovering from? Well, if you haven’t noticed, you are living*the Himalayas. To be a leader implies a life that is full of struggle of climbing, full of this emotional struggle when we are in the values and it looks really dark out there, that we will not be able to go and climb the mountain again. No matter how afraid you are of climbing or wanting to find your next climb, you need to heal yourself. You need to recover for just once because you have a scratch some part of your soul and that needs to be uncovered, that needs to be healed, so that with a healed mind, body and soul, you can get the next benefit.

Number two, reflection.

Reflection is to think seriously, to consider seriously what happened. It’s also to reflect on something and a great reflection object is a mirror. What if you took several mirrors to look at your reality? What if you took the perspective, the mirror of you being a small child or you being an old sage or you being a critic or a happy customer? What would you say about your performance? What would you say about your company? What would you do with these profound and diverse perspectives? What would you do with that? Reflection, great input for decision-making.

Number three, recommit.

This is a great time to say yes, what I want to do with my life is this; this is the vision of the future, this is the way I want to change the world. This is me, this is my identity, this is my wish – this is my wish for the future. Recommit with that, reconnect with that. It’s like remarrying yourself with yourself, recommitting with your dream. Of course, just staying in the realm of dreams is never enough. You have to go to the next step. What are you going to do about it?

Number four, refocus

So in this time of rest, you can get benefit number four, be re-focused. Okay, I have recommitted to what I want to do, but what am I going to do now? This worked last year, this didn’t work last year, this worked, but it could be better, this didn’t work, but it could be better, this really didn’t work and I don’t want to do this ever again. So then refocus, whether you want to try or you are going to continue or you are going to discontinue. Because when we have the clarity to say, this is what I want to do – wow, you are unstoppable. That clarity of purpose and of way to achieve that purpose will make you unstoppable.

Number five, re-energized

And you want more unstoppability, then you have a number five, the benefit of rest. That is, being re-energized. You will have so much energy, so much enthusiasm because you have nothing to be healing about, you don’t have nothing to be doubt about. You will have clarity, energy, focus. Can’t you imagine what kind of performance you are going to have next year? So I invite you, take a rest on. You will be recovered, reflected, recommitted, re-focused and re-energized.

Happy New Year!

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And finally, I want to invite you all to come over to my blog and share with us what is the idea of this video that really touched you, that you are actually going to do. What moved you? What moved you to action? And I say goodbye as always, inviting you to be all in.


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