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Business Alchemy

Are you afraid that, your product is too novel your product is too expensive people cannot afford it your price would scare people your product is not good enough Have you sweated blood thinking: why would they buy MY product? And still cannot find the answer? I have great news for you! Entrepreneurship is The […]

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Your Marketing Is Not Working? Your Problem Is Not Your Marketing

Money is a great mirror. How we relate to money is a great parameter to see how we relate to ourselves. Maybe the greatest challenge of my customers is precisely this. They actually sabotage the financial success of their venture in diverse ways, such as, Taking on customers who don’t value them Undercharging with the […]

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Own your heroic self NOW!

Last month was a slow month for me, as my health was a bit delicate. During my forced rest, I watched an infinite number of historical movies: Second World War movies, Mexican Independence and Revolution movies, survival of the Andes movies/documentaries… Plus read a couple of books: Spanish Civil War and the Sacred Book of […]

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