February 4

The Future of Business and the Divine Feminine


For 5,000 years all things masculine have been adored and celebrated. All humanity became intoxicated by masculine values.

Masculine values are not bad in itself. There’s nothing wrong with decisiveness or being self-reliant. Their massive concentration is what makes them toxic. It’s indeed what has been burning our society. Think about wars, pollution, debt and more.

In this environment the Divine Feminine had few options.

Women’s best way to survive was to link our life to a well-off man. The man-centric family ruled for centuries. To be successful in this context we needed to be quiet, beautiful and fertile. The magnificence and power of the Divine Feminine was reduced to a minimum.

According to Suzanne Kingsbury, the Divine Feminine is the aspect of the self associated with "creation, intuition, community, sensuality (feeling rather than thinking), and collaboration." In the past 5,000 all those qualities have been given a negative connotation. For example intuition has been labeled witchcraft, community cheap gossiping, sensuality has been associated with pornography and prostitution.

Is your feminine power victim of ​the toxic masculine?

Mine was certainly crushed by this way of thinking. I loved beauty, painting, designing, but those were pastimes. To please my dad (establishment, society, make money…) I had to show my intelligence. So I went into technology.

If a woman dared to be creative, intuitive and sensual (aka, just breath) got raped. Tell me about it! When I was at my very best, I was punished with sexual abuse and for decades believed that there was something fundamentally wrong with me.

As we women cannot find a safe place to be feminine, we decide to become successful in the men’s way. We became small men. We buried the Divine Feminine. We defined our success by men’s rules. To do this role we needed to be assertive, ugly and infertile. We needed to become manlier than men.  If you are sweet, you’re stupid. If you are beautiful, you are brainless. If you are a mother, you cannot do business.

It really feels like if we women were fast Ferrari's forced to carry as much cement as possible to be “successful”. It’s frustrating because we’ll never been able to comply with those rules AND you’ll never be able to be who you truly are.

Being little men is impossible for us,

  • We do care! We cannot have a maximizing profit company that sells a product that’s killing millions of diabetes – that black liquid, you know.
  • We do care! We cannot approve planting hectares of  palm oil at the expense of the orangutans and massive deforestation, just to reduce cost
  • We do care! We cannot lie to employees because management says
  • We do care! We cannot lie to a potential investor, just for money
  • We do care! We must make things beautiful and together

This doesn’t work!

  • Human waste. This affects men and women. We as humanity don’t benefit from the valuable abilities that are hardly needed for the future. I wonder how will the statistics of men and teenagers suicide be affected if women’s caring strength was unleashed. I wonder how pollution change if women’s holistic thinking was allowed to bloom. ​
  • Financial inequalities: Pay gender gap, Debt gender gap, Investment gender gap, Retirement gender gap, Funding gender gap
  • Business becomes an efficient form of destruction
  • Soda companies are highly efficient in promoting diabetes
  • Palm tree oil and orangutans story
  • Oil companies, wars and pollution
  • Business opportunity waste. Business could a source of good, it could actually undo all what the greed economy has created.

Easy Choices Make ​Dangerous ​Solutions

Blame is a very dangerous and easy choice. When we blame we are free of responsibility. We’re the victim and with that the destructive cycle of drama begins.

​Blame also takes away our ​power to change it all. There's a lot to say about this! So I suggest you to read another article I wrote: 

​The only way forward

Treat yourself as if ​you matter

You are here to pave the way for the future generations. What you do or don’t do in your lifetime matters. What you do or don’t do this year, this month, today is creating the future.

You have options. You don’t need to stay in a job you don’t like, one that

  • doesn’t make your qualities shine,
  • compromises your ethics,
  • doesn’t celebrate who you really are
  • is not allowing you to contribute to a great future for humanity

Know yourself powerful

You are not a tiny insignificant little person. You are a powerful source of change. Acknowledge it. Stand up straight. Open your heart for possibilities, for the possibility of having it exactly how you want it. Know that when you do that (upgrade the perception of yourself), you are leveling up it all. All is interconnected and mutually interdependent.

Invite the Divine Feminine to your life

Reconcile yourself with the suppressed feminine. Take each one of the elements of the Divine Feminine and embody them.

  • Creation: paint, write, dance, sing,
  • Intuition: learn to meditate, to hear your quiet voice, recognize who you are guided
  • Community: join sisterhoods that touch your heart and uplift you (Have you join my FB group? Well, you’re welcome! )
  • Sensuality: wear a sexy color, try new makeup, learn tantra..


This 5,000 years are full of horrible things done to women. Consider rape, being burn as witches or being owned as objects. Let us not forget the simple act of not considering us in the equation.

It’s easy and even natural to be angry. But if we are really going to emerge powerful as leaders of the future, we need to forgive the offenders. Even more we need to forgive ourselves.

Why ourselves?

Staying in anger has kept us away from actually being who we were really meant to be. We need to forgive ourselves for all that wasted life.


Once we forgive we’ll be able to reconcile with the masculine within and with the suppressed feminine within. That will make you extremely powerful, actually unstoppable.

When you and I and more women do this the toxic masculine and the toxic feminine will vanish. We’ll be the change agents of future of harmony, peace and cooperation. See it. Be it.


​If your are done with ​feeling frustrated with your unused potential and your financial reality, let's talk! 


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