August 17

Becoming who you are


On the 9th of August 2012, my entrepreneurial adventure celebrated its 5th anniversary. This same year in July, my husband and I celebrated also our 5th anniversary.

Can you imagine what roller-coaster it has been the past 5 years of my (our) life?

I let go a “brilliant” career. I had it all: a very senior position in an international company, with all that it brings: “security”, power, flashy corporate car, good money at the end of the month, beautiful outfits, gorgeous dinners…

Why did I leave all that? Crazy woman!

Well, I dram of having the life I have now. I saw it possible and more compelling than my reality then. What can be more compelling than money and security? Freedom? Independence? Love? Family? For me the tipping point was to be able to look at myself in the mirror and like what I see; being able to look at myself in the mirror and show that image to my inner child without shame, actually with pride.

Now, I don’t have a flashy corporate car, I have a family car (with tailored made interiors by a 1.5 years old man). I don’t have good money at the end of the month, I have great money when I’m blessed with the trust of working with amazing people AND this is huge! I get more money per hour. I get to hang out with outstanding human beings. I get the flexibility that allows me to be a mom, a wife and a painter. I get to contribute to the goals of my outstanding client. AND most importantly I get to live my dream: being able to look at myself in the mirror and like what I see; being able to look at myself in the mirror and show that image to my inner child without shame, actually with pride.

How? How did I do that?

Well, it hasn’t been easy. Of course, there has been moments (many of them) when there were no customers, there were no products to sell, my target market was totally out of alignment with me… Of course, it hasn’t been a walk in the park! Entrepreneurship is not easy AND that’s why I love it. It’s a walk in the woods. It shows you the dark sides of your psyche. It gives you contrast: envy, pride, wrath…

Those moments of contrast is what makes entrepreneurship so worthwhile as a spiritual exercise. When no-one is buying, when no-one is paying, when no-one is giving you referrals, when “they” don’t understand you… it’s time to look inside and be ready for the blesson (blessing + lesson).  Look inside and see truly why the results you want are not coming. It’s never about “them” (the public, the government, your spouse, your customers…) It’s always, yes, always about YOU. It’s always about the alignment between you and YOU. Yes, I mean between the little you and your BIG Self. The little you is the one who you were, the one who is not good enough, who cannot charge more, who cannot work with the right customers… The one who is small and always called towards greatness. By who? You read me! By your BIG Self. Your BIG Self is the one that calls you towards your full potential.

So in entrepreneurship, your little you breaks and your BIG Self accelerates. It’s a constant dance. It’s an eternal dance. What’s the point of that dance? To become who you are. To make true your potential. This is exactly how you got here! This is exactly how you’ll get there. Dancing this dance every single day. Giving more space and compassion to your little you. Trusting and listening to your guidance, to your BIG Self.

Each day, each hour, each step, each breath, live and love the joy of the journey of becoming who you are.

PS. Oh, yes, it’s me in the baby photo!


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