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Superhero’s Journey – Greg Shapiro, the pearls and perils of creativity

​Gregory Shapiro: Comedian. American. Dutchman. And the voice of Trump in the ‘Netherlands Second’ video with over 50 million views. Celebrating 25 years in comedy. Shapiro is producer and host of the YouTube show ‘United States of Europe,’ giving EU leaders the respect they deserve – by ridiculing them on a regular basis. On his YouTube channel, he […]

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102 Effective Possibilities to Nurture Stressed Out Professionals

Stress, self-doubt, self- criticism and other life destructive forces don’t have a chance in the presence of self love. Here you have 102 ideas to nurture yourself back to health, happiness and high performance. ​Cut yourself slackDon’t take other people’s opinions of you too seriouslyAsk for helpNotice what you are doing “right”Give yourself a treatDanceEat […]

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Is self-doubt affecting your productivity?

If your compassion doesn’t include yourselfIt’s incomplete​​Jack KornfieldSelf-doubt and self-criticism are serious dangers to your productivity and happiness. When you are unkind to yourself, you cannot create your best work. When you believe that negative self-talk, you cannot run the extra mile and create something great. In order to be successful and happy, we need to […]

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