December 16

Are you stealing from yourself?

The ONLY thing you need to do to be able to Charge (and Cash)  What You Are Worth

You might not be aware of it. You might even deny it. But your very own actions, your very own reasons are sabotaging the financial rewards that you deserve. There are so many reasons why you do not charge (nor cash) what you are worth, specially being a heart centered entrepreneur. Reasons such as,
–    People won’t pay
–    I need more experience
–    I need to have more fame / followers / friends
–    I need to have more credibility / social proof / success stories
–    I cannot earn more than my husband / wife / father / in my corporate job…
–    My customers don’t have enough money
–    I’m not good enough
–    I need to write a book
–    It’s not ethical to overcharge
–    I’m not doing this for the money (money is evil)
–    I don’t want to become rich (arrogant, unkind, corrupt, fraudulent, non-heart-centered, etc.)
–    Who do I think I am to charge more?
–    Can I really deliver value to my customers?
–    The global financial crisis

Blame, fear, guilt and other painful believes are hiding behind all these “reasons”. They do not allow us to see our true potential. They don’t allow us to see the true potential of our customers.

When we give discounts, give things for free, lower our price and other ways we steal from ourselves, we are telling the Universe that,
–    what we do (your Divine gift to this world) is not valuable
–    our customers are not Divine, in other words that they do not have access to attract all they need
–    we are making real both statements

How can you get out of this conundrum?

There is just one, one, one thing to do. You need to go back to square one and truly, honestly, open heartedly answer the question

Why did I open this business?

Don’t tell me that you were looking for freedom. Don’t tell me that you were looking for money. Don’t tell me that you were looking for world peace. Let’s get real about it. Why did I open this business?

You opened your business for a very specific reason: your soul purpose. You opened your business for a very specific kind of person: your ideal customer. You opened your business for a very specific reason: to heal that specific pain that you ideal customer has. How do you heal his/her pain? with your unique secret potion made out the live experiences that make you the unique individual person who you are.

Stop right now belittling yourself! belittling service! belittling your customers! belittling yourself!

Your life story, your disappointments, your blessings, your story, the language(s) you speak, your parents…. ALL you are is what makes you so attractive, profitable and unique in the market place. All you are is the specific non-replicable transformational experience that your ideal customer craves. Value what you’re bringing to the market. Value how the life of your customer is transformed after working with you. That is why you opened this business

Stop stealing from yourself. Remember why you opened your business. Remember what you’re bringing to the market place. Remember how you’re changing lives. Can you now verbalize your worth? Do you have more peace about setting your prices to the level of the worth of your product?

Stop stealing from yourself! Value Your Value!

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