April 9

102 Effective Possibilities to Nurture Stressed Out Professionals

Stress, self-doubt, self- criticism and other life destructive forces don't have a chance in the presence of self love. Here you have 102 ideas to nurture yourself back to health, happiness and high performance.

  1. Cut yourself slack
  2. Don’t take other people’s opinions of you too seriously
  3. Ask for help
  4. Notice what you are doing “right”
  5. Give yourself a treat
  6. Dance
  7. Eat something healthy
  8. Go for a bike ride
  9. Try yoga or pilates
  10. Play a game
  11. Draw
  12. Wrap up in a blanket
  13. Exercise
  14. Sing
  15. Call a friend
  16. Drink tea
  17. Go swimming
  18. Aromatherapy
  19. Breathe deeply
  20. Create a morning or evening routine
  21. Go to church
  22. Jump in puddles
  23. Eat a meal you enjoy
  24. Sleep in
  25. Walk on the beach
  26. plan your daily self-care for the month
  27. watch a movie
  28. call someone you care about and say “I love you”
  29. Journal
  30. Take 3 deep breaths
  31. Stay hydrated
  32. Stretch
  33. Drive mindfully
  34. Transition back home
  35. Stay away from people who make you feel you are hard to love
  36. Hug yourself
  37. Speak to yourself softly
  38. Try something new, just for you
  39. Do a digital detox
  40. Volunteer
  41. Start a gratitude journal
  42. Pamper yourself
  43. Read a book for fun
  44. Meditate
  45. Discover new music
  46. Cook a healthy meal
  47. Gift someone just because
  48. Splurge on a fancy dinner
  49. Walk outside
  50. Sleep 8+ hours
  51. Sweat it out
  52. Get massaged
  53. Try alternative healing
  54. Write thank you notes
  55. Plant a tree
  56. Clean up
  57. Find shapes in clouds
  58. Draw stories
  59. Write stories
  60. Draw self-portraits
  61. Treat yourself to some luxury dark chocolate
  62. Have a homemade spa session
  63. Snuggle with pets
  64. Eat the most creative salad you can think of
  65. Do a digital fasting’
  66. Do a news fasting’
  67. Do a reading fasting
  68. Have a good cry
  69. Write a list of priorities
  70. Get on top of your finances
  71. Drink an awesome green smoothie
  72. Print some lovey photographs
  73. Take a bath
  74. Try a new walk
  75. Drink green tea
  76. Wear clothes that make you feel good
  77. Decluter your home
  78. Take an art class
  79. light a candle
  80. Make a list of compliments for you
  81. Hike up a hill
  82. Replace all negative thoughts with compliments for you
  83. Go on a retreat
  84. Talk with a trusted person about your fears
  85. Go to the seaside
  86. Pray
  87. Write yourself a love letter
  88. Keep an appreciation journal
  89. Wrap up in a soft blanket
  90. Give yourself a bucket list experience
  91. Play for no other reason than fun
  92. Say no when overwhelmed
  93. Play a competitive sport
  94. Go running
  95. Go to the ballet, theater or comedy
  96. Celebrate your achievements
  97. Laugh
  98. Buy yourself flowers
  99. Do some coloring in
  100. Brainstorm and chose your life values
  101. Slow down
  102. Look at yourself in the mirror and say I love you

Use these ideas when headaches, stomachaches or just uneasiness creep up. Choose any of them. Nurture your soul. Honor your body. Rest your mind. You'll bounce back into your power very quickly. 

Actually this is not just a remedial list. You can also use as a preventive measure. Look at it daily, even a couple of times a day. Allow your intuition guide you. Choose any of these ideas before they are needed.

What are you going to do?

I hope this list inspires you to build into your day more self-compassion. If this is the case, please do share this with your friends: in Facebook, in Twitter or just share the link in and email. Share the love. More people need and deserve more self-love.

As always I got more from you! 

I got a webinar on self-compassion ready for you to see. Interested? If you know that self-doubt and self-criticism are dulling your sparkle, this is for you. Fill in below your email address and you'll get access to it.

Have a wonderful week! 

Make it so!

PS. One more thing! Do share the love! If you know of anyone who needs more certainty and less second guessing, share this with them. 


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