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I'm Blanca Vergara.

I'm a woman on a mission:

to accelerate the emergence of the Heart Centered Economy
to transform professionals like you into the most impactful agents of change and also the happiest.



How is it possible that we have so many problems nowadays in our world: pollution, violence, financial crises and much more AND at the same time we have so much talent out there? How is it possible!

It is possible because we think we are not enough. We think we are helpless. We are not!

Over the past ten years I have been able to unlearn helplessness. In this time I have reinvented myself from an unhappy corporate success into heart centered mompreneur - but my real quest is just beginning.

My job is precisely that, to remind you that you are powerful beyond measure. In this site you will find a huge supply of resources that will help you become a powerful change agent and at the same time the happiest version of you. 


From Mexico to the World

I was born and raised in Mexico in a proudly Aztec family. Having worked in dozens of countries in all continents around the world, I feel the world as my home. My friends, my partners and clients are all around the world. Now I live in my dear Amsterdam, but still Coatlicue is my mamá grande.

My first academic background is IT. I studied Information Systems and worked for large companies identifying what was wrong in them. Very quickly I realized that computers had nothing to do with the poor performance of information systems, but rather people.

​So my second career chapter started. I decided to study an MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management. This brought me closer to why information system didn't work. It brought me closer to people, to management. As I climbed the corporate ladder I became increasingly disenchanted with the system. I saw companies as the source of all our problems: pollution, violence and even boredom.


From compliance to my signature life

I was so successful in the corporate world because I was raised as a good girl. I knew what was the expected answer. I was a pleaser. This gave me a great CV and a very empty soul.

Don't worry! I didn't get cancer. I didn't have a heart attack. I didn't have a crash car. I just had a realization on a Sunday morning. What am I doing with my life! As I couldn't explain to myself any longer the choices I made I decided to stop with it all and figure out what is what made me happy, what I loved, what mattered to me.

So my third career chapter started. I decided to look for meaning. So I become an independent coach. I got my coaching certificate at the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara. I started a journey of radical transformation. working with heart centered entrepreneurs made me believe in the possibility of making business a force for good. This third career chapter was mixed with radical personal changes.

So I started designing my signature life. I started trying a little bit of this and a little less of that. I started optimizing my life. I stop thinking myself helpless. I found the building blocks that allow me to feel and act powerfully. Love: I started to allow love into my life. I was able to love and be loved. Service: I chose the projects that would be of genuine service to others. I put all my talents to the service of others. Daring: I chose difficult projects. I saw myself grow, stretch, come alive.

Main themes


I write about personal inner transformation: learning to receive, surrendering to Divine, opening to possibilities, becoming YOU


I write about personal development and life planning with the belief that you do not need to live life pleasing and complying


I write about entrepreneurship as the toughest spiritual boot camp: the place where you express your greatness, confront your demons and transform the life of others

All my writing here is presented freely with no outside advertising. If you would like to support my mission, share it with your friends and family. My subscribers are the first to know when I'm launching a new program. So to be in the know, join my mailing list. As a tokien of my appreciation for joining, you'll receive a 3 part video course series will help you re-energize your life, get laser focus and speed. Get into this positive spiral of fulfillment and meaning. Start now.

In my journey I discovered that there are three basic tools to change build your best life: love service and daring...

My aim is to help you become that super hero that you are meant to be. I want to see you authentically thriving as a change agent. I want you to use all those talents that make you so unique and so happy. I want you to bloom in all areas of your life, without compromising any of them,.

I do so by a combination of lectures, workshops, online programs and individual coaching. They are all big mirror for you to acknowledge your greatness.


Official Partner of New2NL

Blanca Vergara is official partner in
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I not only write this blog, but also have published several books. very year I speak at dozens of events, companies, organizations and universities. Recent engagements have includes the Parenting 2.0 Talks, Progress Software, Connecting Women and the Technical University Delft.

If you would like me to speak at your event, please let me know!






Every year I speak at dozens of events, for companies, organizations and universities. Recent engagements have includes Shell, Astellas Pharma, Parenting 2.0 Talks, Progress Software, the Rotterdam School of Management and the Technical University Delft.

If you would like me to speak at your event, please let me know!


Every year I speak at dozens of events, companies, organizations and universities. Recent engagements have includes the Parenting 2.0 Talks, Progress Software, Connecting Women and the Technical University Delft.

If you would like me to speak at your event, please let me know!



Success Stories


Blanca is so good you should say it twice. Your slightly American tone is a refreshing oasis in this sometimes dry ''Doe normal" desert. I work intuitively and very intensively, often feeling like I'm bull dozing over people with my enthusiasm and creative insights ... so it was such a relief to meet eye to eye with someone riding the wave with me. Respect. Our relatively short consultation had big implications. Immediately layers effortlessly dropped away ... this onion was peeled. I felt an immediate trust and allowed Blanca to witness my heart felt fears and wishes. During our contact, there was such an immediacy that the "now" was made tactile, to the point that I experienced an energetic reality shift. BLANCA WAS THE GOOD WITCH THAT HELD UP THE MIRROR AND SAID "HERE IS YOUR ROLE MODEL". I'm sure she has connections to the star ship enterprise.

May The Force Be With You Blanca and all the women warriors.

Love from Sarah Kate Gardiner

Sarah Kate Gardiner - Author of The Soul Surival Kit & maker of movements, moments & ordinary miracles.

Blanca has contributed to the range of services the Career&Counselling Services of the TU Delft offers her students and PhDs, not only with original content, but with almost limitless passion. She delivers her workshops and presentations from personal experience, having worked in the corporate field, being an international in the Netherlands, with a drive to educate, not only for a program, but for life. Her workshops are highly appreciated by our students and PhDs, and also for our team, meetings with her are very inspiring, testing our values and driving us to thinking new ways.

Caroline Scheepmaker - Head of Career & Counselling Services at TU Delft

Thanks to Blanca, for I am now focusing on creating the realization of the heart-centered service society.

She has shown exception vision on teaching profitable and holistic values.

Bravo Blanca!

Edward Ybarra - Business Developer, Brussels, Belgium

Don’t let her pass by without catching it.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that LITTLE extra. That is Blanca , a woman with an extraordinary talent and aptitude to speak to others. It’s nothing enormous about her, just a little twist making a full modification. She’s not just another inspirational speaker and coach, it’s that extra that makes her reach into your heart giving you the strength to move the next mountain.

Blanca has a self-confident attitude that can be contagious. Don’t let her pass by without catching it.

Laverne Hunt - Speaker, Amsterdam

You and your story, the combinations, are incredibly inspiring and life changing. Thank you!

Janice Langeslag - Mechanical/Control Engineer, Delft, the Netherlands

Her work has brought to my life a profound transformation, a sense of action and well-being. Blanca has been a inspiring source of action, clarity, reflection and the opportunity to understand my purpose of being. I acknowledge that her work has brought to my life a profound transformation, a sense of action and well-being. If you are ready to start changing the rules in this modern economy game and discover your soul life purpose, give yourself an opportunity to be coached by Blanca

Oscar Perez - FNC, Mexico

Life changing!

In life, you meet many people but only very few have the power to change your life.

Blanca has this power, and this is maybe because she does what she likes to do in life, and she does it very well. Only in one hour, I saw her touching the heart of more than one person, all with different backgrounds, nationalities, and ages.

Whether you work for a company or have your own business, there is a lot you can learn from Blanca.

She is such an inspirational and intelligent woman, that I consider myself lucky that she crossed into my life.

Carina Bravo Plancarte - Recruitment manager, Rotterdam, The Netherlands