Spiritual Mentorship for Female Leaders

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Take a deep breath and center yourself before you answer these questions. They are powerful questions to improve your self awareness and courage. Plus, it will allow me to understand better your challenges and vision.

When you click "Submit", you'll directed to my scheduler to book a Clarity Call with me, this is a FREE 30-minute consultation. Please schedule it at least 3 days after the day of submission, so that I have time to read your answers and feel about them. 

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Briefly describe the family situation and dynamics. What are your biggest challenges in this relationship?
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If you want Profound and authentic Support and guidance on the spiritual and leadership journey 
— especially if you are at a turning point of your life or career — 
this Mentorship is for you. it is designed to take you to your next level.
This program is not for everyone. You must show up with a full YES.
This Mentorship is a 5 figure investment for 6 months, with payment plans available.
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NOTE: When you submit your application, you’ll be redirected to my scheduler to book a free Connection Call. Please book for at least 3 days from today's date so that I can review your application before our call. I look forward to connecting with you!