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I would love to highly recommend Blanca Vergara. Thanks to her resources and specifically through using the Heart Centered Business Canvas, one friend and I had the opportunity to create a plan for a personal business project focusing on what we are passionate about and our strengths. Now, this project is taking shape and becoming a reality. Thank you very much Blanca!
Tere Sánchez

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Another inspiring video, full of hope. Maybe it is important for those of us who don’t have that “clarity” to recognize that perhaps we are going through such tremendous change that we feel a bit “lost” or that we don’t recognize who we are… and maybe this is ok too. Maybe it is just as important to sit with this discomfort (and yes it is very uncomfortable!) and be safe in the knowledge that the universe is rearranging itself always in our best interest! Thank you Blanca!
Fabiola Garay

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