November 6

Susanna Liller – The Journey from Girl to Goddess

​In every heroic tale, the heroine is called to fulfill a compelling desire or seek a new adventure. Sometimes she is eager to accept the call. Other times, she refuses out of fear—but the call grows ever louder. For modern-day women, the struggle for self-discovery and the courage to leap into the unknown is no different. Mirroring the heroine’s journey, this empowering guide outlines: • the power of choice. • models for personal development. • strategies to combat critics (even yourself). • tips for dealing with emotional roadblocks. • methods to achieve self-acceptance. You may not be Wonder Woman, but you are certainly a heroine. It’s time to unleash the power within!

​Susanna Liller, like many women, wears multiple professional hats (which she enjoys wearing). She is an organizational-development consultant, executive coach, women’s workshop leader, writer and musician. Her career, whether mediating, facilitating or coaching with groups or individuals, has always been about helping people find the path that evolves them to the next level of success. She believes that everyone’s journey in work and life exists to transform them to a higher level of being. The challenge, however, is to not resist the change. Susanna sees herself as a guide and motivator in this transformational process. Susanna lives on a small farm in Maine along with her husband Robin, four overfed sheep, a one-eyed rooster, two chatty hens, Merlin the cross-eyed Maine Coon cat, and a wimpy one-hundred-pound dog named Max. She spends as much time as she can visiting her children and grandchildren. In her “spare” time, Susanna plays the keyboard and sings in a band, which has landed her in the Belly of the Whale more than once! She loves seeing every day as an adventure on her own life Journey.

Find more clues about your journey from girl into goddess


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