Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen | Financial Wellbeing

​Do you feel safe financially? Do you have enough investments for your retirement? Do you have investments at all? Do you have debt? Do you have huge debt?

Poverty is more likely to be endured by women than by men. This becomes alarming when you add the fact that women have a higher life expectancy. Consider the data of American women in the image below. 

If you are young, you're on time to take action to avoid joining the statistics of poor old women. ​

​Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen is ​Chairman of and Executive Board ofAon Holdings. She's a living proof that women can not only manage money and in huge amounts, but also do it grace and impact. She gives us here her wisdom and experience on how we can avoid now a future of worries and regrets. In fact, she inspires us to live our best life now. 

Blanca Vergara

Blanca Vergara MBA, soul entrepreneur, author, speaker and mom, has an uncanny vision for identifying passion and purpose. She has the charm to enthuse and the muscle to move you into action. Blanca delivers post modern, high-impact, transformational solutions for the builders of the Upcoming Heart Centred Economy to authentically renew the world.

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